Yankees Rumors: Not Interested in Carl Crawford or Jayson Werth

Via Mark Feinsand of the NY Daily News:

According to a source, the Yankees aren’t planning to make a hard charge for [Carl Crawford] or Jayson Werth, the top two offensive free agents available this winter.

Brett Gardner‘s breakout year, Nick Swisher‘s solid season and the late-season emergence of Curtis Granderson have the Yankees convinced that paying top dollar for an outfielder isn’t the most sensible way to spend their money.

“Unless they parted with one of those guys, I’m not sure where they would fit,” the source said of Crawford and Werth.

“We are better with Crawford, but at that price?” a Yankees source said. “I’m not sure it’s that good of an upgrade.”

The Yankees are looking to keep payroll about the same next year as it was this season. Yesterday I took a look at where they are at now and they already have $142 million tied up in next year’s team with Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Andy Pettitte, and Cliff Lee left to sign. Those guys aren’t going to come cheap and it will really leave the Yankees with almost no money to sign either Werth or Crawford who are going to command large salaries.

If they fail to sign Lee it’s possible that they could change directions and go after either of these outfielders and use one of their current outfielders as a trade chip for another pitcher. But first they are going to try for Lee. He’s probably their best option with no other clear trade option available.

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11 Responses to Yankees Rumors: Not Interested in Carl Crawford or Jayson Werth

  1. Mindkind says:

    I agree with not pursuing hitters and concentrate on pitching. Pitching, pitching and more pitching is the name of the game. The Yankees outfield is solid, can it be better? Sure but at what price? I would be happy if this off season the Yankees sign only Cliff Lee and noone else. Now if the Yankees end up with Lee and Kerry Wood then score that an A+ for Cashman.

  2. david k. says:

    "…no other clear trade option available". How about if Cashman finally does his job and brings in a really good young starter and a reliever through trades. I'm talking about guys who have talent and the ability to throw strikes at will. San Fran sure seemed to have a lot of young arms like that in the WS. The key is to find those types of guys. The way Cashman works, you or I could easily do his job, which basically consists of throwing bags of money at the most coveted free agent available.

    • Mindkind says:

      I dont' understand when people say that about Cashman. Sure Cashman signs FAs but so do other GMs and don't forget how well the minor leagues system is doing. Good point Rob on the Swisher trade. Not trading away the system for Santana nor for Halladay were good moves by Cashman. In all those propose trades the Yankees would have lost players that eventually helped the Yankees win the World Series. Not only is Brian Cashman not a bad GM he is in my opinion one of the better GMs in baseball.

  3. Please. Cashman is a very good GM. All of those great pitchers the Giants have, the Yankees had no chance to draft. And you or I wouldn't have landed Swisher for practically nothing.

    He makes a ton of great moves and has created a very strong minor league system. He obviously has mistakes, but so does EVERY GM in baseball. Luckily for the Yankees, his mistakes don't hurt the team as much.

  4. david k. says:

    So he has not been a total flop. But I don't understand why it took years to develop a decent young lefty in the bullpen. Not til this year did we have one – Boone Logan. And you would figure at some point he should have been able to steal a young starter from somewhere, but he has never been able to. The best GMs do these kinds of things.

  5. david k. says:

    Maybe I should suggest an example. Why can't Cashman swing a trade like sending Jesus Montero in exchange for someone's best starting prospect, someone who is practically a can't miss? There must be someone out there who is desperate for a catching/hitting prospect who has that kind of starter in the minors.

  6. You've got to try to be realistic about this stuff. Young pitching is a precious commodity. Teams don't just go around trading this stuff away. On top of it, Montero is not really going to fetch you a can't miss pitching prospect. If you look at the trades where those types of pitchers are moved, they are not ones the Yankees are capable of making. Generally speaking only teams who can't resign a big star player are the ones making a deal for young prospects.

    Realistically the only way the Yankees might be able to land the type of prospect you are talking about is by trading Robinson Cano. The only problem is that the Yankees need Cano. Now if they were the Indians and had Cano, then sure you trade him because you don't have a chance to compete in 2011.

  7. Tanned Tom says:

    I go back and forth on Crawford. I would hate to see him in Anaheim or Boston, but I feel he's overrated. His OBP is usually about 30 points below what Gardner's was in 2010. But if we're talking moving Gardner to center and trading Granderson for some pitching, then I'm all for signing Crawford.

  8. I think the only way the Yankees are in on Crawford at this point is if Lee signs with Texas. Then they look to move an outfielder, probably Gardner because he's the youngest/most cost effective and thus most valuable to other teams, and sign either Crawford or Werth.

  9. cesar diaz says:

    bueno yo creo ke los yankes necesitan pitcheo —la otra opcion seria en desaserce de brett gardner y obtener a crawford eso seria lo mejor de retomar aun bateador un designado el cual seria lance berkman ese seria un equipo ideal

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