Yankees Rumors: Stayinig in Contact with Carl Crawford

The Yankees have called free agent outfielder Carl Crawford presumably to keep themselves in the loop, according to Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated.

Cliff Lee remains their primary target this offseason, but it looks like Crawford is their clear no. 2 target in the event they don’t sign Lee. So far they have not been in contact with the other big free agent outfielder Jayson Werth.

Crawford seems to have a ton of teams interested in him and the whispers have been that he could sign for as many as eight years. That’s a pretty hefty contract so the Yankees probably want to been in the loop so that way if they don’t land Lee they don’t have to rush into making such a big decision.

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10 Responses to Yankees Rumors: Stayinig in Contact with Carl Crawford

  1. john says:

    Yankees will sign lee and crawford end of story

  2. I doubt it. They would have to trade somebody then. So even if they sign both of them, it's not the end of the story.

  3. Mike S. says:

    I don't see Crawford coming here. Would be nice, but I don't see it.

  4. Hardcore Yankee Fan says:

    Don't see Crawford signing with the Yanks and I personally think it would be a huge waste of money with where their payroll is going to be. Even if they don't get Lee, I wouldn't sign him. The only caveat is if they don't get Lee and can trade a ton of prospects and Grandy or Gardner for someone like Felix Hernandez prior to signing Crawford. Only with all of these "ifs" would I be in favor of it.

  5. I have a feeling they are only talking with Crawford to drive up his price that the Red Sox or Angels will eventually have to pay.

    • Bronx Knight says:

      I like this theory. As I've said elsewhere, we simply don't need Crawford. Among other things, Gardner, in his breakout year, was equal to or better than Crawford in most every category except power. Gardner is underestimated and Crawford is over-touted.

  6. Mike B. says:

    Crawford = a young Johnny Damon with much better defense

  7. Juke Early says:

    ^ @Mike B. …minus Damon's overall good team player attitude though

  8. Mike B. says:

    In SB dept Damon's highest was 46 while in KC

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