Yankees Rumors: They Have Been In Contact with Cliff Lee 2

According to an AP report, the Yankees contacted Cliff Lee‘s agent to tell him that they are preparing an offer and will be back in touch shortly.

This isn’t especially big breaking news, but it does show exactly how much they are interested in Lee that they have reached out to him on the first day teams can contact other teams’ free agents.

The size of the Yankees first offer will be important. When the Yankees began negotiations with CC Sabathia they came out with a $140 million offer to scare away other teams. With Lee it is expected that they may start much more modestly.

Joel Sherman predicted that it may be as small as a four-year $80 million offer. Obviously they are pretty desperate to sign Lee though so they won’t stop there, that will just be an initial offer.

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2 thoughts on “Yankees Rumors: They Have Been In Contact with Cliff Lee

  • Rasheeda Cooper

    I could see the Yankees signing Lee for 6 years at $120 million. Lee is not a "power" pitcher but rather a "finesse" pitcher, so he could still be a force in 6 years at 38 years old. I can't see them signing him for any more than $20 miilion per.

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