Yankees Rumors: All 3 Yanks Outfielders Drawing Interest

Update: Joel Sherman of the NY Post reports that teams have actually been calling the Yankees about all three of their outfielders including Brett Gardner and Curtis Granderson. It makes sense, all three are very good outfielders and people suspect the Yankees may be looking to deal one of them. Right now it sounds like the Yankees aren’t interested in making a deal.

Original post: Brian Cashman said that he doesn’t see any changes to the team’s offense this offseason, but according to Bob Nightengale of USA Today, Yankees outfielder Nick Swisher has already been involved in conversations.

Via the USA Today:

GMs say the biggest names already under discussion include former Cy Young winner Zack Greinke of Kansas City; All-Star first basemen Adrian Gonzalez of San Diego and Prince Fielder of Milwaukee; outfield brothers Justin Upton of Arizona and B.J. Upton of Tampa Bay; All-Star right fielder Nick Swisher of the New York Yankees; All-Star closers Bobby Jenks of the Chicago White Sox and Jonathan Papelbon of Boston; and infielders Dan Uggla of Florida; Jason Bartlett of Tampa Bay and Mark Reynolds of Arizona.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the Yankees are looking to deal Swisher. More likely it means that teams are checking in to see if he’s available. If the Yankees could work out a deal for Diamondbacks outfielder Justin Upton then they could pursue a deal involving Swisher or if they need to upgrade their pitching by making a trade. So it is good to be prepared and know who has interest out there.

That’s probably all this is though, finding out who has interest in case a scenario arises where the Yankees would need to deal an outfielder.

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10 Responses to Yankees Rumors: All 3 Yanks Outfielders Drawing Interest

  1. Jessa says:

    Please don't let Swish go!!

  2. Tanned Tom says:

    If you have to trade one of them, make it Granderson. Then they can switch Gardner to center and sign Crawford.

    • Frank Spero says:

      are you nuts keep granderson and swih and deep six burnette and maybe gardner but gardner is a great base runner so i say keep him

  3. Personally I'd rather trade Gardner. He has no pop in his bat. Granderson has speed, defense, power, a decent arm. If he can get his average up he's a legit 5-tool CFer.

  4. Jaremy says:

    Granderson's salary increases significantly this year, however which minimizes his value. Gardner is the guy likely to command the most value due to his low cost. He also has the shortest track record and lack of power, which hurts him.

    I'm fine with trading him, but he also represents a great cost savings for the Yankees, which they desperately need. Can't fill your entire team with $10M/year players…

    • Frank Spero says:

      GET OUT OF TOWN granderson is worth every penny and this is big spender yenkees your talking about

      • That Yankees do have a budget just so you know. And while even $10 million for Granderson isn't much, it would make a difference to how much money they have left over for other free agents.

  5. Bob says:

    I'd dump Gardner in a second. He's a nice player, but for all his speed he sucks at hitting. If he ever loses a step he's done. If you back out the 20 infield hits he had last year from beating out nubbers and mis hits he hits .210. The guy hardly ever hits the ball hard. Granderson came on very strong the 2nd half and is a proven commodity. Swisher is a really good player who just needs to pick it up in the post season.

  6. Frank Spero says:

    forget the dump and your right about swish

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