Yankees Rumors: Yanks May Be Dark Horse Candidates to Land Hisashi Iwakuma

Yesterday the NY Post asked Yankees general manager Brian Cashman if the team was interested in recently posted Japanese starter Hisashi Iwakuma and he refused to comment.

Later on in the day though Iwakuma’s agent, Don Nomura, called the Yankees a dark horse bidder for his client.

Now this may just be an agent trying to drum up interest, or at least drive up bids, for his client. If people think the Yankees are involved they may be prone to bid more.

In reality, if the Yankees are bidding at all it’s probably a low-ball bid. Even that might not be worth it though.

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2 Responses to Yankees Rumors: Yanks May Be Dark Horse Candidates to Land Hisashi Iwakuma

  1. Tanned Tom says:

    Japanese pitchers are usually not worth it, while the hitters are. The reason might be that the ball is smaller in Japan, and pitchers work less often. These two factors produce pitchers like Dice-K, who nibble at the edges without confronting hitters, running up very high pitch counts. So while hitters benefit from the switch (think Matsui and Suzuki) the pitchers usually don't. The other point is that it seems a lot of Japanese players who've come over to MLB are prima donnas. Even Suzuki plays for individual stats first. This is guy after all who, with a runner on second and one out, will bunt for a hit, thus setting up a double play situation. Works for his numbers because the opposition sure isn't looking for it, but hurts the team.

  2. Mindkind says:

    If I were a GM I would stay away from Hisashi Iwakuma. Signing Japanese pitcher and NL pitchers is a risky proposition.

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