Yankees Set to Offer Jeter 3-Years & $45 Million

The Yankees and Derek Jeter have been having lots of dialogue but so far neither side has exchanged an offer. That’s about to change as Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated is reporting that they are about to make him a three-year $45 million offer.

This is only the first offer. Jeter is likely to decline it, but the Yankees may counter by playing hardball and telling him if he doesn’t like it he’s free to test the free agent market to see if he’ll get more else where.

Like I’ve been saying for a while now, this could go on until Christmas. This contract offer doesn’t change my thinking. This could take a while.

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13 Responses to Yankees Set to Offer Jeter 3-Years & $45 Million

  1. TC says:

    I mean, from a purely business standpoint, why on earth wouldn't they tell him to go see what he can get elsewhere? Because there's no way in creation he'd get anything close as we all know. On the other hand, I think he's in the stronger position in that he can make the whole organization look chintzy to the fans and they don't want that so he can probably parlez that small advantage into a slightly better deal without having to go out and test the market.

  2. david k. says:

    If he tested the market, probably the best he'd get would be 10 million a yr for two yrs.

  3. Hardcore Yankee Fan says:

    The problem is that they gave ARod that ridiculous contract, AJ that ridiculous contract, a 36 year old catcher who couldn't really play defense a 4 year contract, etc.

    It does look somewhat bad if you're trying to nickel and dime this generation's icon. Plus, he's only one year removed from an MVP caliber season.

    It doesn't help any that Hal went on record earlier this and essentially promised that Jeter would be taken care of.

    • A 3yr $45 million is overpaying him in both years and overall dollars. He is being taken care of.

      As for the comparisons to Burnett, Burnett made $32 million over the last two years – Jeter made $42. Burnett gets $49 million over the next three – The initial offer to Jeter is $45 million. Jeter is being taken care of and he's going to end up getting more money than Burnett every year of Burnett's time with the Yankees.

      • Hardcore Yankee Fan says:

        Rob, Considering that most of the articles at the time that Hal's comment was espoused had Jeter's contract speculated at a minimum of 4/80 to 6/150, I'm guessing this is not the contract that the Jeter camp had in mind. Granted he had a bad year and even though I can be very critical of Jeter's play, as well as any Yankee's, I am not in the camp that believes Jeter should be treated like any other player. That's fine if others feel that way, but I'd like to see him get his 3,000 hit with the Yanks and to eventually retire with them. If they have to overpay in his case, I can deal with it much better than ARod, up to a certain point of course.

        • If no other team is going to pay him even 3yrs and $45 million there is no reason for the Yankees to pay him more than that.

          • Hardcore Yankee Fan says:

            Fair enough. But you didn't seem to have that view with Mo, though I might be mistaken. And the Yanks certainly didn't practice that line of thought on ARod, CC, AJ, etc.

          • Hank was in charge with A-Rod. He's not now and that's probably a big reason why.

            With CC, the Yankees needed him. So they bid aggressively in order to make sure they got him.

            A.J. Burnett was offered $82 million from the Braves. The Yankees bid just over that.

            Each contract situation is unique. The players all have different situations and the teams all have different needs. All of that comes into play.

            As for Rivera, if he wanted to leave he would probably be able to get 2-yrs $30 million. Maybe I'm wrong on that, but I'm certainly not advocating paying him more than necessary.

  4. david k. says:

    This is why they have to be really careful this off season. They cannot afford any more ridiculous contracts, at least until some of the ones they have right now expire.

    • It's why they didn't go after Halladay, Werth, or Crawford. Too many big contracts.

      • Joey P. says:

        I don't count Crawford out until he signs with another team. As for Derek, few are deserving of Captain status on the Yankees and Derek has been everything the organization could ask for. Best sports role model in America. That said, 2010 may or may not be an anomoly. Could be the start of a decline, but then what was 2009? My guess is Jeter works extra hard this off-season to prevent another 2010. So what is the 2009 version of Jeter worth? Or something between 2009 aqnd 2010? And let's not forget to consider who the Yankees could possibly hope to replace him with right now at shortstop without serious backlash. There's noone. After all else is said and done, that's Jeter's last words in negotiating. It's not who else will sign Jeter, it's who else will the Yankees get to replace him. And please don't suggest A-Rod because he's not a legitimate option with his hip issue. Either way, both sides should just sit down, talk it out and get it done for the benefit of all involved. The Yankees should give Jeter his 4 years and he should accept it. The annual value should be around $17 mil plus incentives for various stat levels. After that he can go year-to year.

        I suspect Jeter believes he can reach 4000 hits if he can play long enough, hence the six years, which might get him close enough to warrant another year or two from the Yankees. 150 hits/yr for 6 years puts him one more year away from 4000 career hits. I know Jeter is team first, but he also knows very well what a legacy he would have if he reached 4000 hits as a Yankee for his entire career. And all without the use of steroids in the steroid era. That's why it would would be far more impressive than all the new home run records, including if A-Rod is able to reach 800.

        • Mike S. says:

          3500 is a much more acheivable goal, which would be incredible. I give him a small chance at 3700 and very little chance—almost none—at 4000. His range will diminish to where he won't have a position. Move him away from SS and he becomes a detriment. Not enough power for OF and DH, and Alex, one year younger, may need that DH spot for himself. No room at 1B with Teixeira there. As Jeter ages, the SB will go down. Injuries and age will reduce playing time. Diminished range may necessitate him being out of the lineup or replaced late in games for defense. Not only that, if he gets moved down in the lineup to 8th or 9th, then as many at bats as if he were batting leadoff or second. I wouldn't go over three years with the contract. 3 years, then year by year. Say he retires at 41 after the 2015 season. If he averages 150 hits a year for five years (and I say 150 because of age, injuries, decline, all I listed … and I may be overly generous at 150 per year) it's 750 more hits. That would bring him to… 3676. An amazing number, but if I were to bet, I'd say the final total comes between 3500 and 3700.

          • Mike S. says:

            **not as many at bats**

            …and as far as a position switch… to where? He hasn't played any position other than SS in the majors OR minors. Not one inning other than SS.

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