Yankees Sign Amateur Free Agent RHP Rafael DePaula

The Yankees are expected to sign amateur free agent RHP Jose Rafael DePaula from the Dominican Republic today, according to Melissa Segura of Sports Illustrated. His signing bonus was worth about $700,000.

This is likely the minor move that Brian Cashman mentioned earlier in the week (He was likely actually talking about the Juan Miranda trade)

DePaula, 20, had actually been under suspension for identity fraud in an attempt to make himself appear younger.

The Yankees obviously still like DePaula and if it weren’t for the suspension his bonus would have likely been much higher. Segura reported that because of his age though they will have to fast track him through the minors. At his age, I’d expect him to start in at least Low-A Charleston next year.

The Yankees have actually been linked to DePaula before. That was back when he was supposedly 17-years-old. Then the Yankees were supposedly going to sign him from anywhere between $1.5 and $2 million. In past reports he only threw in the low 90’s, but Segura said he was recently clocked as high as 97 mph.

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  1. Mindkind says:

    This is excellent because teams cannot depend only on FA signings. This is a good find. A kid with a good arm for the bullpen.

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