Yankees Trade Rumor: Friends Say No Way Greinke Accepts Trade to NY

Via Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated:

People close to Zack Greinke believe there’s no chance he’d accept trade to NY. Zero.

This is something I’ve talked about before. Greinke just isn’t the New York type. He had a no trade clause that allowed him to block deals to 20 teams in 2010 and the Yankees were among those teams (so were the Red Sox). His NTC allows him to block deals to 15 teams in 2011 and it is likely the Yankees are again among those teams.

It’s nothing personal against the Yankees. It’s just that Greinke is a player who doesn’t like the big spotlight. He suffered from a social anxiety disorder that briefly derailed his career at one point. He’s put that behind him, but even after he hits free agency it’s hard to see him as a big money chaser. He’s the type to take less money for the situation that makes him most comfortable.

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