Yankees Want Lou Piniella Back in Advisor Role

Yankees co-owner Hank Steinbrenner met with former Cubs and Yankees manager Lou Piniella on Thursday and invited him to re-join the Yankees in an advisor role, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Piniella retired from managing after 23 years this season in order to care for his mother. He has said that he will not return to managing, but an advisor role with the Yankees could keep him in baseball and give him the flexibility he couldn’t get as a team’s manager.

Piniella’s ties with the Yankees run pretty deep. He played for them for 11 seasons from 1974 until he retired in 1984 winning two World Series in ’77 and ’78. After that Piniella managed the team for two and a half years from 1986 and 1987. Billy Martin took over the club in 1988, but didn’t finish the season, Sweet Lou had to take the reigns for him managing the team for the final 93 games.

After firing Piniella in 1988 he stayed in the organization until he left to manage the Cincinnati Reds in 1990. The Yankees always wanted him back throughout the years, but mostly due to Joe Torre’s long tenure that never happened. It seems like Hank may finally bring Sweet Lou back into the fold after 22 years.

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2 Responses to Yankees Want Lou Piniella Back in Advisor Role

  1. Mindkind says:

    Really good news. I would love to have Sweet Lou back in whatever capacity. A character like him would only help a team.

  2. Mike S. says:

    I can't wait for the hand Lou will get at next year's Old-Timer's day Game. It's sure to be huge.

    An advisory role with the Yanks would be perfect. Lou is from Tampa, won't have to travel much to NY (can advise the guys down there) and it would fit his lifestyle (currently 67).

    Make it happen.

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