Yankees Will Begin Negotiations with Jeter and Rivera in Next Day or Two

According to Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated, the Yankees will begin to negotiate with free agents Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera in the next day or two. He also insinuated that they will waste no time in talking with free agent pitcher Cliff Lee as soon as they are allowed to this Sunday.

Nobody really knows exactly what will happen in the respective negotiations, but we do have some hints.

Some people seem to think that Jeter will ask forĀ  a six-year deal. Joel Sherman of the NY Post suggested that they offer him something that will pay him past his playing days. Hal Steinbrenner did warn that things could get messy.

Rivera apparently wants a two-year deal which for a typical 41-year-old is a deal breaker, but Mo seems ageless. He’s coming off his third straight season with an ERA under 2.00.

With Lee, it has been suggested that the Yankees won’t be bidding as aggressively for Lee as they did with CC Sabathia two years ago. That said, their entire offseason seems to rest on him. In the end they’ll pay whatever they have to.

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9 Responses to Yankees Will Begin Negotiations with Jeter and Rivera in Next Day or Two

  1. david k. says:

    I would not go over four years for Cliff Lee. Give him whatever it takes up to 25 million a year but don't go over 4 yrs. At his age, there's a very good chance he might not even be effective in the third or fourth yr. If we get outbid, then so be it. I just don't think he is as good as he looks against the Yankees or the Rays. Look what happened in the WS. He was only 12-9 during the reg. season too. I think at least two of those wins was against the Yanks.

  2. A big part of his 12-9 record was Seattle's pathetic offense and a small slump in August. Lee is one of the best pitchers in baseball. So you are clearly underestimating him.

    To me, the Yankees should do whatever it takes to sign him. Even if the 4th, 5th, or 6th years of the deals he isn't a top of the line starter – the Yankees will have a legit shot at winning a World Series for the first three years. Not just a shot, but a very good one. To me that trumps worrying about how good he is at the back end of the contract. You go for it when you have the chance.

  3. david k. says:

    I might be underestimating him slightly but you are overestimating his value. Think about this: if the Yankees had Cliff Lee and they had made it to the World Series this year against the Giants, would the Yankees have won? Probably not, because I think the Rangers certainly had the hotter lineup (and they may have had the better lineup too, esp. because our no. 3 hitter Teixeira never hits in the postseason) but the Giants still outpitched Cliff Lee and outhit Texas. And the Giants had an anemic lineup full of castoffs and bums. They still beat Cliff Lee and Texas. I still feel if we can't get Cliff Lee at a reasonable price, then try to make a blockbuster deal that will bring us another ace. We also have to try to get younger. We need to develop another talented young starter or acquire one, preferably a lefthander.

    • Mike S. says:

      Teixeira never hits in the postseason? Hmm. He did go 7 for 15 in the 2008 ALDS. This year in the ALCS he hit 4 for 13 with that huge HR in Game 1.

      He has had a couple of bad postseason series, true. But Texas owned Teix all year long. 4 for 40 for the season.

      Teix played hurt the last month of the year. Bad hand. Broken toe. Then (maybe because of running differently to adjust for the broken toe?) the hammy went.

      He's had some bad postseason series. He also had a couple of good ones.

      But give him some due for playing hurt.

      Hopefully 2011 gives a good start for a change, and a healthy and good postseason.

  4. You're simplifying things too much. There is a lot more to it than the Giants beat Cliff Lee than the Yankees couldn't have beaten the Giants even if they had Cliff Lee.

    Another thing, you should probably stop talking like there are young aces just growing on trees that the Yankees could or should be able to acquire. The only ace quality pitcher expected to be on the trade market this offseason is Zack Greinke and there is no way he's accepting a trade to New York.

    Finally, you talk about getting younger. Well, trading for a young ace, even if they could, would be counteractive to that as they would have to unload all of their top prospects for him.

    Look, Cliff Lee is a phenomenal pitcher. One of the top 3 in all of baseball. He's available and all it will cost is money. If the Yankees don't get him it would be a huge mistake.

  5. Tanned Tom says:

    The Yankee rotation is in bad shape, they need a front line starter. Last time I looked, Lee is the only out there. What is the issue? Too much money? Hey it's not my money. Let them spend it all as far as I'm concerned. And whatever they give Lee, it will look wise beyond all measure next to the contracts they gave A-Rod and Burnett.

    Look at it this way, if Pettitte retires they have a 2 man rotation. Think that's gonna be enough?

  6. There is no problem, but unfortunately Lee lost 2 games and now there are a lot of people who don't like him. It's off of just 2 games, but that's the logic that rules some people.

    • Mike S. says:

      Exactly, Rob. I was shocked to see a poll recently in which fans(I should use that term loosely) wanted to dump Hughes. Never mind that he's only 24 and coming off an 18-win season. The ALCS is the only memory that they had.

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