Cashman: There’s No Clear Role for Damon with the Yankees

Yesterday everyone got riled up over the rumors that the Yankees were talking with free agent outfielder and former Bronx Bomber Johnny Damon.

Unfortunately for Damon fans (and good news if you’re not) it appears that there is little chance that there will be a reunion.

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman told Wallace Matthews of ESPN New York that talking with Damon was just them doing their due diligence:

“It was just part of our canvassing process,” Cashman said about whatever contact he had with Damon.

“It’s something we do with every free agent,” Cashman said. “I can’t tell you if anything’s going to happen there. There’s not a clear role for him here.”

The Yankees have been in the market for a right handed hitting outfielder to use against tough lefties that can be problems for Curtis Granderson and Brett Gardner. Damon is a lefty, but isn’t terrible against left handed pitching. He isn’t what they need though and the Yankees aren’t likely to give him the playing time or the money that he would want to come back to the Bronx.

Maybe other pieces will not fall to the Yankees and if Damon is still available late in the offseason something could develop. It doesn’t seem likely though. Cashman who generally doesn’t comment too much about potential free agents the Yankees are looking into was pretty quick to shoot this idea down.

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