Derek Jeter Contract Details

Derek Jeter just signed a deal that can be worth as little as three-years and $51 million and as much as four-years and $65 million thanks to a player option and a possible $9 million more in incentives.

Up to this point though we haven’t heard much info about those incentives except that he could attain them by winning certain awards. Until now.

According to Ken Davidoff of Newsday, here is how Jeter’s contract breaks down:

Jeter will earn $15 million with $2 million deferred in 2011, $16 million with $2 million deferred in 2012, and $17 million with $3 million deferred in 2013. His player option is worth $8 million and it comes with a $3 million buyout. He can earn up to $17 million in 2014.

The incentives breakdown like this: An AL MVP award earns him $4 million, coming in top six in AL MVP voting earns him $2 million. A silver slugger wins him $1.5 million, and a Gold Glove, an ALCS MVP or a World Series MVP could earn him $500,000 each. He cannot earn more than $9 million in total. He can also earn these incentives in the final year, 2014, of the contract.

Honestly, those are pretty reasonable.

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2 Responses to Derek Jeter Contract Details

  1. Bronx Knight says:

    I suppose Jeter will win at least three out of the next four Gold Gloves, so that's $1.5 million, but I don't see him winning any of the other awards, which tend to require actually playing baseball. And if he does win any of the MVP/silver sluggers, then that's OK too.

    So it's pretty much four years, $56 M, which is not so unreasonable, and in a whole other universe from his rumored initial demands of 6 x $23 M

  2. Yeah, 4 years and $56 mil is $14 mil a year on average. Not bad at all considering he was looking for $23 mil a year. Considering that they bid against themselves they could have done much worse.

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