Pettitte Told Cashman He Was Leaning Toward Retirement for 1st Time

Latest update: A big and unfortunate update here. Apparently when this season ended Andy Pettitte told Brian Cashman that he was leaning toward retirement. Cashman said that was the first time he’d even said that to him.

Cashman also said that he contacted Pettitte about 10 days ago and he said the same thing. So as of right now, it sounds like Pettitte could have pitched the last game of his career.

Still, it’s hard to believe.

First update: Craig Calcaterra of Hardball Talk has this update:

Source close to Pettitte tells me that while you never know with Pettitte, the expectation is that he’s coming back.

Original post: Via Bob Klapisch of the Bergin Record:

Yankees heard from friend of [Andy Pettitte‘s] that he’s definitely retiring, although that was three weeks ago. Still waiting on his decision.

This is not good news to hear. It is no sure thing that the Yankees will be able to land Cliff Lee and if they don’t and Pettitte retires they’ll be left to scramble for two starting pitchers.

The only good part of this statement is that they heard this three weeks ago. Since then we’ve heard from Jon Heyman that Pettitte would return as long as the Yankees offer wasn’t insulting.

The problem is that this is all second hand information. One source might be a lot more significant than the other, both could be wrong, and both might be going on good information with Pettitte himself completely unsure of what he’s going to do.

The only thing we can do is wait until we hear from Pettitte himself. In the meantime hopefully the Yankees are figuring out a contingency plan if he does retire.

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5 Responses to Pettitte Told Cashman He Was Leaning Toward Retirement for 1st Time

  1. Mike S. says:

    LoHud now updates with another source close to Pettitte who expects Andy back next year.

    So we still don't know.

    Andy doing a "Favre"?

  2. I was updating while you were responding. Didn't Favre actually retire a couple of times there? Pettitte has never gone that far.

  3. if lee signs with new york, pettitte comes back for sure

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