Hideki Matsui Signs with the Oakland Athletics

The Oakland Athletics have agreed to a deal with former Yankees World Series hero Hideki Matsui to a one-year deal, according to Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle.

The deal hasn’t been officially announced, but according to Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated it is expected to be worth around $7 million.

Matsui was not re-signed by the Yankees a year ago despite being the 2009 World Series MVP. A big reason for that was because from 2006 through 2009 Matsui constantly dealt with injuries both major and minor. He turned 36 last season and matched his lowest batting average and had his third lowest OPS of his career. He also insisted on playing in the outfield although he only started 17 games in left field last year.

The Yankees never had any interest in him this offseason. He’ll turn 37 in June and could see an even bigger decline even if he gets lucky and stays healthy all year. He’ll be the A’s DH which at this point is all he’s good for and the Yankees have Jorge Posada who is expected to fill that role.

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2 Responses to Hideki Matsui Signs with the Oakland Athletics

  1. Reed says:

    The interesting thing about numbers and statistics, is that they can be presented in countless ways…depending on how you want to paint the picture. The author apparently wants to make everyone believe that the team is better off without Matsui.

    I too can present statistics (of my choosing) to paint a different picture.

    From 2007 to 2010, Matsui played in 523 games. Posada played in 426.

    In 2010, Matsui had a .274 batting average. Posada hit .248 .

    In 2011, Matsui will turn 37 years old. Posada will turn 40 .

    In 2011, the A's will pay an estimated $7 mil for Matsui's services. The Yankees will shell out $13.1 million for Posada's.

    Matsui may have had a less than stellar season in 2010. However, a power hitter is only as good as the other batters in the rotation. Matsui had the highest OBP of the Angels roster. If no one else is getting on base, the DH is not going to see good pitches.

  2. Comparing one old man to another doesn't prove anything but both are old. The difference is that Posada is a catcher, Matsui is a DH. The Yankees needed a catcher when they signed Posada. They didn't need a DH last year or this year either.

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