Jeter Rumors: Yankees Add $2-$3 Mil & Vesting Option to Offer

Via George King of the NY Post:

At the beginning of the process, the Yankees were firm on their offer [to Derek Jeter], but it’s believed they upped the offer by $2 million or $3 million above the original and may have added an extra year that could be tied to a vested option.

King goes on to say that there is some belief that the Yankees are upping their offer just to top Troy Tulowitzki‘s annual average of $15.7 million. That would keep Jeter the highest paid middle infielder in baseball.

The vesting option may be a big reason Jeter is now willing to negotiate too. He’s been said to want a four or even five year deal while the Yankees have been firm on a three year deal.

A vesting option is a decent compromise although it, as King notes, cannot be based on performance, but instead must be based on starts, at-bats, or plate appearances. MVP votes or Silver Slugger awards can count though.

The Jeter-Yankees negotiations have been messy and long. Read our archives to be sure you didn’t miss a single moment of the drama.

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