Kerry Wood Signs with the Chicago Cubs

Supposedly Kerry Wood wanted closer money to return to the Yankees, but instead he settled for just $1.5 million to return to his original team the Chicago Cubs.

When I say closer money, I mean at least $6-$8 million per year. Earlier this week we heard that he was supposedly looking for $12 million on a two-year deal to return to the Yankees. There is no word on whether an actual offer was extended, but I’m sure that the Yankees would have jumped at offering him $1.5 million.

But Wood took less to return to the Cubs, the team he made his major league debut with. He even turned down $3.5 million to play with the White Sox so it seems like it is nothing personal against the Yankees.

But this is really starting to sting. This is twice the Yankees have been burned this offseason by players who negotiated with them only to return to a former team.

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