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Instead of writing new post after new post, I’ve decided to just keep updating this article throughout the day with new Cliff Lee information. So bookmark this page or keep refreshing because this is where all the Lee rumors will be unless there is something really worthy of a new post.

Update 6:00: Andrew Marchand updates us that the Yankees, Brian Cashman and Randy Levine, have met with Lee’s agent just a little while ago. Buster Olney said that during the meeting no offers were made or parameters laid out.

Earlier in the day Jon Heyman heard that the Rangers were planning a four-year offer to Lee. Heyman surmises that they may change that though since it sounds like the Yankees could go six years.

Original post: According to both Buster Olney of ESPN and Joel Sherman of the NY Post, the Yankees are meeting with Cliff Lee and his agent today to discuss a potential deal.

No word on if an offer will be made or not today, but even if one isn’t extended today expect things to get serious very quickly. Team president Randy Levine is in Orlando likely for this very specific reason.

Don’t get too excited by this though. Lee’s agent Darek Braunecker has been quoted as saying “It’s good to be Cliff Lee,” meaning his client is highly sought after right now and will potentially be paid very well.

Lee’s agent did confirm that more teams than just the Yankees and Rangers are interested in him, but he didn’t specifically name any of them.

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