Monday Cliff Lee Rumors

Update: Rosenthal has reported that the Phillies are indeed the mystery team. No solid word on how much money or how many years they are talking, but it is not believed to be anywhere near the Yankees offer.

Original post: Not a whole lot going on with Cliff Lee as we await his announcement. There are a few things and a lot of speculation. Let’s see what’s out there:

  • The Washington Nationals officially dropped out of the race yesterday.
  • Jon Heyman keeps mentioning a third mystery team in the running, but as Buster Olney points out mystery teams are usually bullshit that agents make up to increase offers.
  • Joel Sherman thinks that if there is a third team that it could be the Phillies.
  • Lee’s agent Darek Braunecker has been in touch with the Yankees today and said that the process is on-going.
  • Ken Rosenthal minimizes the tax issue by saying that Lee is not planning on moving to Texas, would stay in Arkansas. Plus, the difference would be made up in endorsements.

At this point it is almost impossible to figure out exactly what Lee is going to decide, but that hasn’t stopped people from speculating. I want to try to stay away from that, but the fact that Lee’s agent has been in touch with the Yankees can’t be a bad thing.

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