Quote: Russell Martin On Turning it Around

Via Pete Caldera of the Boston Herald:

A two-time All-Star and former Gold Glove winner, [Russell Martin] slipped offensively the last two seasons. He feels a new workout regimen will greatly benefit his hitting.

“Iā€™m probably going to be in the best shape of my life going into spring training,” said Martin.

Every year a bunch of these stories pop up. In fact, just yesterday CC Sabathia was talking about losing 15 pounds and that he was trying to lose 15 more before the season starts. It seems a bit premature to start talking about this now with the season so far away.

But Martin was once one of the top catchers in baseball. He has fallen off in the past couple of years to the point where the Dodgers non-tendered him. He has something to prove. So maybe this talk is real and he’ll come back in 2011 stronger than ever. If that’s the case then the Yankees may have gotten a really good deal in signing him for about $4 million.

So what do you think? Is this another cliche? Or should we really expect Martin to show up this season with a vengence?

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7 Responses to Quote: Russell Martin On Turning it Around

  1. Henry Ferraz says:

    Sure enough it's for real! Martin seems to be very proud of his achievements and abilitys, he really might be looking for a rebounce to proove to everybody else that he stills a top catcher, not just defensivily, but in the 'two sides of the ball'.

  2. NYYank55 says:

    Being non-tendered could be just the wake up call that Martin needed. Sometimes guys get too comfortable relying on just their abilities that they take conditioning for granted. Before you know it, they start to spend stints on the disabled list and their recovery period starts to suffer along with their once natural abilities. I think the Yankees are going to see good things from Martin unfortunately this is going to delay Montero's debut or possibly make him available in a July trade. I for one would have liked the Yankees to have gone with Montero and start to develop their own players. However, I can see their concern and having a Martin around to ease the transition may be for the best, but watching the Giants and how they went with Buster Posey makes you wonder if the Yankees simply do not have this so called "patience" that Cashman and Levine have been recently talking about.

  3. Mike S. says:

    Hey, it's why there is a Comeback Player of the Year Award, right?

  4. Franco Kotos says:

    He will hit 20 hr's 80 rbi's with a .292 average…

  5. Rafael says:

    By June 2011, Posada will be the New York Yankee catcher again.

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