Rumors: Pettitte Has Not Begun Preseason Prep

Via two tweets from Buster Olney of ESPN:

Something to keep in mind re Andy Pettitte: Normally, he would already be deep into his preparation for the upcoming season, but he is not currently preparing to pitch. If his final decision drags out too much longer, he will be behind schedule to prep for 2011.

There hasn’t been much news at all on the Pettitte front worth reporting. There has been a lot of speculation though, none of it really positive, and while I can’t report on every little tid bit that people come up with this seemed worth reporting.

Pettitte has a pretty strict workout regimine that he prides himself on. At this point it is not nearly too late for him to fire it back up again, but every day that passes without a decision makes it less likely that he isn’t coming back at all. So hopefully this decision comes soon.

It should be noted that the Yankees are moving forward this offseason as if Pettitte is not coming back at all. That doesn’t mean they are going to sign somebody who would block his return though. At this point anybody they sign would be a Jeff Francis type meaning that it wouldn’t keep them from being interested in bringing Pettitte back.

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One Response to Rumors: Pettitte Has Not Begun Preseason Prep

  1. Susan says:

    Time to tell Andy Favre to either make a damn decision or forget about it. I know we really need him and all but he's being incredibly selfish to keep us waiting. I think what he wants is for the Yankees to beg him to come back and open the vault for him. Don't forget he left after 03 because he said he felt disrespected. So is he going to pick up his ball and cry all the way home or man up and get his butt back to the Yankees? I'm frankly tired of it at this point and wish they'd tell him they're moving on. And yes, I know he said for Cashman to proceed like he's going to retire but either —- or get off the pot already.

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