Rumors: Royals Want Gardner Plus IF Prospects for Greinke

Via Jerry Crasnick of ESPN:

The Royals have a wealth of pitching talent in the minor leagues, a hot first-base prospect in Eric Hosmer, an elite young third baseman in Mike Moustakas and a hard-hitting catcher, Wil Myers, who is probably going to have to shift to the outfield in the majors. As a result, sources say, Moore has focused on adding up-the-middle position players who are close to major league ready. And neither the Yankees nor the Rangers provide the best match for Kansas City.

The Yankees do have three catchers — Jesus Montero, Gary Sanchez and Austin Romine — among their list of top prospects. Infield prospect Eduardo Nunez would likely be part of a Yankees trade package, and sources said that outfielder Brett Gardner‘s name has come up in conversations between the clubs. But it appears that package wouldn’t be enough to pry Greinke loose from the Royals.

So it sounds like any package the Yankees give up for Greinke would start with Gardner and probably include an infield prospect like Nunez, Corban Joseph, or David Adams.

Supposedly the Yankees package won’t be enough for the Royals, but I suspect that could be because the Royals want Gardner and the Yankees, so far, are unwilling to part with him.

Or it could be that the Royals are just getting better offers. If the Royals really aren’t that interested in pitchers and catchers, two spots the Yankees are heavily loaded at, then it would be hard for them to present a better offer.

It might not matter anyway as Buster Olney of ESPN has reported that Greinke does not appear to be the Yankees plan B if they miss out on Cliff Lee. We’ll see what happens if he doesn’t sign with them though.

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6 Responses to Rumors: Royals Want Gardner Plus IF Prospects for Greinke

  1. Susan says:

    Prospects are one thing but Gardner is a full time player and a valuable contributor. Sure, I would've rather had Crawford but had we got him I would have been for moving Gardner to CF and deal Granderson. But no way do I include Gardner in a deal for Greinke, who I think would be another Steve Trout in Pinstripes. If we fail to land Cliff Lee then I say go for Buehrle. Then if Andy retires, wait until mideason when the A's are out of it and get someone from them.

    Now if it was Granderson included in a package for Greinke, I'd be much more open to it but I like Brett Gardner and think he's worth keeping unless something too good to pass up comes along. I don't want to get rid of Montero either or even Romine.

    • Hiram says:

      Did you see the postseason?

      It was only Cano or Granderson, i would never trade him.

      Since his work with Long, he is also hitting lefties.

      And i agree i don't want to get rid of any of these young catchers

  2. Unfortunately I doubt very much that the Royals would take Granderson or Swisher in any deal. Gardner appeals to them because he is younger and most importantly cheaper.

  3. Rafael Santori says:

    In accordance to "El Nuevo Día, Puerto Rico newspaper the Yankees talks with Pedro Feliciano, he start training in the winter league and will be active on Dec.27, 2010. His representative mentioned that Pedro selection is the to come back in New York City.

  4. Rafael says:

    Deportes ( El Nuevo Día )

    11 Diciembre 2010

    En turno Feliciano

    El veterano relevista se unirá próximamente al bullpen de los Leones de Ponce.

    Pedro Feliciano podría firmar como agente libre en los próximos

    días con un equipo de la Liga Americana.

    Según se supo, el especialista en zurdos es interesados por

    varios equipos entre ellos los Yankees de Nueva York y los

    Medias Rojas de Boston.

    Melvin Román, agente del relevista boricua, indicó que se reunió

    con varios equipos en los pasados días y quedó impresionado

    por el interés que éstos mostraron en su cliente.

    “Fueron reuniones muy buenas y fructíferas. Hay mucho interés

    en Pedro”, dijo Román sin querer abundar sobre el particular.

    Sin embargo, al parecer, los Yankees parecen tener una ventaja

    sobre Boston a la hora de llegar a un acuerdo.

    Nueva York es una ciudad bien conocida por el boricua que lanzó

    con los Mets por espacio de ocho temporadas.

  5. Susan says:

    Well Cash better figure something out because if Andy retires we'll be looking at maybe 84 wins next season. So depressing.

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