Rumors: White Sox May Trade Mark Buehrle

The White Sox are willing to listen to offers for lefty Mark Buehrle who is set to become a free agent after the 2011 season, according to Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe.

Buehrle, 31, is in the final year of a contract that will pay him $14 million next season. He also has 10-5 rights (ten years in the league and at least five with his current team) meaning that he has a full no trade clause. Because of that he would have to agree to any trades.

Buehrle obviously is not as elite a pitcher as Cliff Lee, but if the Yankees miss out on Lee they likely will at least kick the tires on a Buehrle deal. Their interest would probably depend on the package they would have to send Chicago’s way.

He’s likely to be a Type-A free agent next year meaning that they could probably get a pair of draft picks for him if they failed re-sign him a year from now. Though there is a chance that he might want a contract extension in exchange for waiting his no-trade rights.

If the Yankees do sign Lee they could still be interested in Buehrle if Andy Pettitte goes through with the retirement talk.