Rumors: Yankees “Aggressive” in Pursuit of Bill Hall

Via Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe:

Four teams interested in super utilityman Bill Hall, but Yanks and Dodgers most aggressive.

The Yankees had expressed interest about a month ago in Hall, but since then we haven’t really heard his name attached to them.

Hall, not quite 31, fills a need for the Yankees as a right handed outfielder. During his career Hall has a .790 OPS against lefties and a .736 OPS against righties so he somewhat helps the Yankees contrast with Brett Gardner and Curtis Granderson who struggle against lefties.

He can more than just play in the outfield as well. Hall played all three outfield positions last year as well as some short and some third. He also has experience at second base during his career. He’s essentially Jerry Hairston Jr. with more power and plate discipline so it makes sense that the Yankees are interested in him.

He doesn’t exactly have a lot of pop in his bat, but he is no slouch either. Last season with the Red Sox Hall had a .456 slugging percentage and a .772 OPS while hitting 18 homers in 344 at bats.

Not only is Hall an improvement to what the Yankees have now, but he would make Eduardo Nunez expendable. A few teams, most notably the Braves, have inquired about Nunez in the past. Not including Nunez in a trade with Seattle last season might have actually cost them Cliff Lee. If the Yankees sign Hall that might make them more likely to include Nunez in a package for pitching.

So what do you think? Do you like Hall as a bench player for the Yankees? Or should they stick with what they currently have?

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4 Responses to Rumors: Yankees “Aggressive” in Pursuit of Bill Hall

  1. smurfy says:

    Bill Hall would be smart: he pops up in the game highlights all the time, a clutchy player. Excellent defensive versatility, a perfect super-sub. A couple of such guys, say he and Pena, plus a backup catcher, and you could use your roster to increase pitching depth.

    On the other hand, will that be enough to rest Derek and Alex enough? Will fans scream for more homers off the bench?

    Also, such players as Golson and Curtis, Pena and Nunez, Laird should have a good chance to blossom. Detroit's Brendan Boesch was a surprise to them last year, for example. Kalish was a big spark to the Red Sox.

    • Lincoln says:

      If the Yanks pick up Bill Hall, could they make Ramiro Pena expendable, instead of Nunez? I know Pena has good defensive skills, but Nunez wasnt a slouch and I like Nunez's bat better than Pena's. What about also picking up one or both of the Hairstons? That would free up Curtis or Russo (two of their bench guys from last year) who really didnt impress me in their limited time on the field.

    • For the record, there is a huge difference between prospects like Boesch and Kalish and nobodies like Golson, Curtis, and Pena. Nunez is between the two groups.

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