Rumors: Yankees Not in on Rafael Soriano Deal

Update: Unfortunately Buster Olney of ESPN shot this report down. Joel Sherman of the NY Post confirmed, the Yankees are not in on Soriano.

Original post: Via Mark Feinsand of the NY Daily News:

According to a source with knowledge of the Yankees’ thinking, the Bombers are “exploring” the option of signing [Rafael Soriano], the All-Star closer who pitched last year for the Rays.

With plenty of money to spare in the wake of Cliff Lee’s return to Philadelphia, the Yankees have held preliminary discussions with Scott Boras about Soriano, the source said.

“It’s all very, very preliminary,” a source familiar with the Yankees’ thinking said.

The source added that while the Yankees are willing to give Soriano more than they would have given Wood, there are limits to what they will pay.

“They don’t know where Boras is going to take this,” the source said. “They’re not going to go crazy.”

The Yankees have been hesitant to give closer money to relievers, but it makes sense that they would be willing to in this case. They’ve lost out on Bobby Jenks and appear close to losing out on Kerry Wood as well. Soriano is better than both of them though and could potentially be Mariano Rivera‘s replacement in two years.

I wonder if the Yankees missed out on Wood and Jenks because they were interested in Soriano or if they’re only interested in Soriano now. It’ll probably cost them quite a bit to sign Soriano though who is a Scott Boras client.

Soriano earned $7.25 million last season and is very likely to get a raise. I could see a three-year $36 million deal as a possibility.

So what do you think? Is this a reactionary move? Or is this the smartest thing the Yankees can do since losing out on Cliff Lee?

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11 Responses to Rumors: Yankees Not in on Rafael Soriano Deal

  1. lewmac says:

    This would be an excellent move as it would shorten games to 7 innings with 2 almost-automatic shut down releivers for the 8th and 9th.

  2. Mike S. says:

    Interesting how the Post and Daily News battle each other since Sherman is denying it.

  3. Marc Perez says:

    soriano, feliciano, and a trade for a legitimate #3 starter would make this offseason not too bad at all

  4. Joe says:

    Soriano and Feliciano would work just fine. Let's not forget the many young arms that are almost ready to contribute. Please don't trade Montero!! The guy can flat out hit!!

  5. jose says:

    I think having a good core of reliable relievers will be beneficial when we dont have that many aces. in a perfect world the yanks should sign soriano that some day can take over mariano and sign feliciano and wait for next summer trade line. if they can sign fuente as well that will be great thet yankees need to load up with left hander because of the red sox

  6. Susan says:

    I'm sure we'll miss out on this guy just like we miss out on everyone these days. But hey, at least we got Mark "I'm out all season" Prior.

  7. Mindkind says:

    I don't know what's going on but I don't like the way the Yankees are doing business this winter. Missing out on everybody. They need bullpen help but don't sign some of th ebest out there. Then in july when the bullpen needs help they will have to give up prospects to get the same guy that they could just sign now. Sign Soriano he is worth the money and Rivera is leaving soon. Jenks is gone the Sox got him, now their bullpen is sick as well as the lineup and if Beckett comes back strong then nobody has a chance in the AL East. Yes we have a good team but if teams load up and we don't we will stay behind. The Yankees are essentially the same team from last year while others have gotten better. What is going?? This has been the darkest winter!!

  8. Susan says:

    "Yanks not in on Rafeal Soriano Deal".

    Of course we're not. This is getting more disgusting by the day. Cashman is asleep at the wheel. The only surprise to me is that the Blowsox didn't get Cliff Lee and Jason Werth also. I think I need some Xanax to get some sleep tonight. I haven't been this upset since Game 7 vs. Arizona. (2001)

  9. Mindkind says:

    Glad to see I'm not the only one lol.

  10. Mike S. says:

    They aren't paying closer $ for a set-up guy, period. And these closers aren't coming to NY to be a set-up guy for Mo ala Tom Gordon. When their contract is up and they hit the market again, they want to show saves and get closer money. They won't get that as a setup guy, so they want closer money, which Cashman and the Yanks won't give. These guys are going somewhere where they will be given the opportunity to close and rack up saves, which they wouldn't get with the Yanks—not with Mo there.

  11. Susan says:

    Well then I guess we're stuck with that gas can Joba as a set up man unless Robertson puts things together. If we're not going to spend closer money for a set up man then we'll get what we pay for.

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