Rumors: Yankees Have Interest in Jeff Francis

Via Jerry Crasnick of ESPN:

LHP Jeff Francis has gotten calls from several clubs. Mets, Nationals, Pirates, Rangers and Yankees have varying degrees of interest.

About a week ago we heard that the Yankees were open to signing some injury risk pitchers and one of the pitchers named as a possibility was Francis. Now we are hearing that the Yankees are indeed interested in signing him.

Francis, 30 in less than a month, actually makes sense more than the other injury risk pitchers. Unlike Brandon Webb or Chien-Ming Wang (who has already signed with the Nationals) Francis has actually pitched in 2010. His numbers weren’t impressive, 5.00 ERA in 104.1 innings, but just coming off an injury it may take him a while to get back to 100 percent.

Another thing the Yankees would like about him is that he’s a lefty. This gives him an advantage in both Yankee Stadium and against the Red Sox who are lefty heavy.

Those are two pretty big reasons to be interested in him and with Andy Pettitte looking more and more likely to retire any day now it’s not impossible to see the Yankees getting aggressive in talks. So far that’s a bit premature, but definitely possible.

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12 Responses to Rumors: Yankees Have Interest in Jeff Francis

  1. Mike S. says:

    What bothers me is that only twice has his ERA been less than 5.00 in a season … in the NL. 4.77 career ERA. I know it's Colorado, but his splits actually were better at home than on the road. So even when he was at 100% I wasn't impressed with him.

    But having said that, beggars can't be choosy I guess.

  2. Fernando says:

    Francis just isn't that good. If a 5.00 ERA is a consideration, then why not just use a youngster like Nova who had a 4.50 ERA. At least, he'd be getting experience and has more promise.

  3. Francis is definitely a risk, but I think there is some reason to think that he could be a useful part. He was impressive in his rookie season and improved for two consecutive seasons before 2008 when he was injured and 2010 when he was recovering. If he can return to his 2007 form or even slightly improve on that he would be a good get. His K/9 that year was 6.9 and his BB/9 rate minus intentional walks was 2.3. Those aren't bad at all. Considering the fact that he's lefty and Banuelos won't be ready in 2011, if the Yankees can get him cheaply, I'd like to see them try.

  4. Alex Taffet says:

    Also important to note, his FIP and xFIP last year were both excellent at 3.88 and 3.94. Though he has been one to under perform his FIP throughout his career. (4.77 career ERA/4.46 FIP and xFIP) But that may be as a result of pitching in Coors.

  5. Susan says:

    Wow, is this what we've been reduced to? So sad.

  6. jose says:

    the yankees should sign francis he is a lefty I do not know why they havent ask pedro martinez if wants to pitch there is a guy who know how to pitch you only need a good bull pen for this to work out he can be as good as moyer or better and i think bringing him back to ny will rejuvenate him beside you cant look for to pitch no more than 5 inning per game

  7. renner says:

    hey cash trade a catcher for a young upcoming triple a pitcher .

    we have the chips lets get a stud that we can watch develop.It makes me SICK TO DEATH when we buy older washed up high priced


  8. Rafael says:

    Francis it's more than a risk, but the combination of Giradi and Brian Cashman it's worst.

  9. Ryan says:

    Sign Francis and Garcia and let them battle for the fifth spot. Then have Nova as the four unless Garcia and Francis both pitch well. I dont why all of a sudden Cashman is trying to run the Yankees like they are a mid market team. Sign all the arms that he can and let them all fight for the spot.

    • frank says:

      I agree sign all the arms an let them fight it out. The cost would be less than signing petite .Let petite retire in peace.

  10. Bronx Knight says:

    Rob, in your October 31, 2010, article, "10 Starters the Yankees Can Have If They Fail to Get Cliff Lee," you listed Pedro Martinez as number 10. You noted that he had a 117 ERA+ this past season (albeit in only about 45 innings), but then simply said that he is extremely unlikely for "several reasons," which you did not explain.

    Given how things are going for us pitching-wise this off season, why couldn't we give Pedro a chance as a number 5 starter? He's crafty and can still pitch. Maybe he won't be giving us more than 5 innings, but that's not so bad for a number 5 guy. How come we can't try Pedro?

  11. Ryan says:

    I also noticed Jarrod Washburn and Chris Young are available, how about those guys?

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