Rumors: Yankees Still Wary of Greinke

Via George King of the NY Post:

Despite a report yesterday in which a source said Zack Greinke was not against pitching for the Yankees if the Royals dealt him to The Bronx, the Yankees don’t buy it. They believe the right-hander, the 2009 Cy Young winner who has dealt with social anxiety disorder, does not want to pitch under the burning lights of the Yankees’ universe.

This was my response yesterday after the news came out that Greinke might not be against playing for the Yankees after all. Sure, maybe the Yankees could get him, but his past still raises big concerns.

Greinke has dealt with depression and social anxiety disorder in the past. He even missed most of the 2006 season dealing with these issues. He’s also not big on the media and reportedly did not even want to hold a press conference after he won a Cy Young award last season.

Those issues will almost undoubtedly come to a head under the magnifying glass that is New York. When a trade is hypothetically completed there will be a press conference with more reporters than he’s ever seen in Kansas City.

Also, the first time he struggles, and he will eventually struggle, the fans will be all over him. Some Yankees fans can be brutal and because of his past history they will smell blood and jump on him at the first sign of weakness.

This is a recipe for disaster, but luckily it sounds like one the Yankees are hoping to avoid.

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4 Responses to Rumors: Yankees Still Wary of Greinke

  1. Bronx Knight says:

    Typo in headline; should read "wary."

  2. Bronx Knight says:

    I wonder if we should be so quick to dismiss Greinke. Kansas City is not New York, but he's still a high-profile big-league pitcher. Kansas City has its local media and I'm sure there are plenty of groupies hunting for him in the hotel bars whenever he's on the road.

    Maybe, since we're aware of him, we could help insulate him from the press, etc. Since he has a bona-fide diagnosed disorder, maybe he could even get a medical waiver from press conferences, etc. (which I think players are required to speak to the press a certain amount). Also, foreign stars get assigned round-the-clock interpreters; why not give Greinke, with his bona fide social disorder, a round-the-clock psychologist/bodyguard to manage all of his dealings with the public. That may sound dumb but I'm not kidding. We're talking about a guy with demonstrated Cy Young stuff; wouldn't it be worth some special measures?

    On the other hand, given how many pitchers without diagnosed disorders have bombed here after thriving elsewhere (Weaver, Burnett, Vazquez, Contreras, etc. etc.), maybe being a Yankee is just not something that everybody can handle. Some people thrive (Damon, Swisher), others can't handle it …

  3. Bea Arthur says:

    He probably never seen hardly any reporters in Kansas, considering Kansas City is in Missouri.

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