Yankees Brett Gardner, Alfredo Aceves Have Surgery

The Yankees announced that a couple of their players, Brett Gardner and Alfredo Aceves, are undergoing surgery this week.

Aceves had surgery yesterday to repair his left clavicle that he injured in a bike accident in Mexico. He’ll need three full months of rehab, but should be ready to go by the start of the season.

Gardner will have surgery on Dec. 7 for tendonitis in his right wrist. It is the same wrist that bothered him for a good portion of the season. He should be ready to go by spring training.

This is probably not a big deal for Gardner and it might actually be a good thing for Aceves. Aceves never had surgery on his back that bothered him all season. He was expected to play winter ball this offseason which would have been good in a way because he nearly missed all of 2010, but it could have been bad for his back. Now he’ll be off his feet for the next few weeks and will need to take it slow after that, giving his back that much more time to heal completely.

Now he should be healthy by the start of the season, but he could be rehabbing the first couple of weeks during spring training. They said he’ll need a full three months rehab, that puts him at around a March 1st return. At that point he won’t have pitched for almost a full year so while he may technically be healthy I could envision a scenario where the Yankees send him to extended spring trainingly simply to allow him extra time to get his location back.

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  1. Mike S. says:

    LoHud has a really good piece on Gardner. Before getting hit by a pitch on June 27 and after. Big difference.

  2. Huge difference. I wonder how much of that was coincidence though. Young players often are inconsistent. But a wrist injury is a big deal to a hitter.

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