Yankees Close to Losing Kerry Wood to Cubs

Via David Kaplan of the Chicago Tribune:

The Cubs, who have a major need for a veteran right handed reliever are moving towards finalizing a deal with free agent Kerry Wood. Wood, who spent the first 10 years of his major league career with the Cubs, spent 2010 with the Indians and Yankees and compiled impressive numbers down the stretch as he helped the Yankees make the playoffs.

Wood has made Chicago his home and told us last week that whatever decision he made about where he would pitch in 2011 had to be a good fit for his family. Being able to stay home and his longtime relationship with Cubs general manager Jim Hendry are huge factors in the Cubs favor.

A lot of Yankee fans aren’t going to like this, but it may be a good thing. Wood came here last season and really solidified the bullpen that had a lot of trouble early on. Wood not only pitched well himself, but seemed to settle down both Joba Chamberlain and David Robertson with his presence.

But the fact remains that Wood has been one of the most injury prone pitchers in baseball and in Bobby Jenks and Rafael Soriano there are other options available.

Injured players are a liability and if the Yankees signed Wood they would be banking on him to be a vital part of their bullpen. If he got hurt it would really set them back. It wouldn’t be like when Nick Johnson got hurt last year and he was easily replaced and forgotten about. If Wood gets hurt they not only lose their primary setup-man, but they hurt the rest of their pen as well.

He came here and did a good job. He may even have a good 2011 season. But the Yankees need to look at other less risky options and move forward.

What do you think about Wood? Are the Yankees making a mistake by not being aggressive enough? Or like me do you think the other possibilities are at least as impressive?

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2 Responses to Yankees Close to Losing Kerry Wood to Cubs

  1. Musky2900 says:

    I think Wood's physical presence, mature demeanor, and experience is very beneficial to the young guys in the bullpen. I like him, but if realistically his $$ can help us somewhere else with more of an impact then I would be alright with him going to the National League.

  2. Ron says:

    I think you're right Rob.

    Wood is injury prone, that's a reality and if the Yankees do sign him he will have an important role in the bullpen. To give that much reponsibility to a player like Wood with all that injury history is too risky a move and unnecessary.

    There are other middle relief options out there.

    It's not that serious.

    We all, I'm sure, appreciate Wood's performance with the team but it is time for the Yankees to move on and look at other relivers that are currently available.

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