Yankees Lose Cliff Lee to Philadelphia

To improve their rotation the Yankees targeted free agent Cliff Lee, but they’ll have to turn elsewhere as Lee has agreed to sign with the Philadelphia Phillies according to T.R. Sullivan of MLB.com.

The deal is believed to be a five-year deal worth about $100 million according to Joel Sherman of the NY Post. Sherman also reported that the Yankees final offer was a six-year deal worth $138 million plus a $16 million player option for $154 million total. So essentially Lee took about $50 million less to sign with the Phillies over the Yankees.

Now the Yankees will have to bring Andy Pettitte back, who suddenly has a ton of leverage in contract negotiations, or risk having two giant holes in their rotation.

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5 Responses to Yankees Lose Cliff Lee to Philadelphia

  1. Joe says:

    Wow! Better to find out now he didn't want to be in new York

  2. Scott says:

    take a look at this pitching rotation for the Yankees for 2011.


    CC Sabathia LHP

    Brandon Webb RHP -FA

    Andy Pettite LHP -FA

    Pedro Martinez RHP -FA

    AJ Burnett RHP


    Phil Hughes RHP (6th starter)

    Joba Chamberlain RHP

    Kerry Wood RHP – FA

    Ivan Nova RHP

    David Robertson RHP

    Sergio Mite RHP

    Boone Logan LHP

    Brian Fuentes LHP – FA


    Mariano Rivera RHP

    • Hiram says:

      I really like the idea of bringing back Kerry Wood and we should remember Alfredo Aceves.

      For another lefty reliever could be Brian Fuentes but also Pedro Feliciano. Just pleaso no JC Romero particularly with Girardi leaving him against some righties.

      The problem:

      The starting rotation doesn´t make sense.

      We can look for one or two pitchers between B Webb, R Harden, M Prior and P Martinez, But P Hughes won't be a reliever, no way.

      • Mike S. says:

        1) What makes anyone think Pedro has anything left? He's no spring chicken.

        2) Webb (rehab) and Pedro (old, no 2010) in the rotation and Hughes (18 wins, your current #2) out? ROFL.

        3) No guarantee on Andy's return.

        4) Fuentes probably looking to close and closer money. Really wonder if he'll accept less $ to setup Mo.

        5) Prior is trying a comeback as a reliever, not a starter.

  3. C.A.P.P says:

    This should be seen as an opportunity. Re-sign Andy (proven) and let Betances, Brackman, Noesi and Phelps have a go. One of them will work. C.C, Hughes, Pettitte, Burnett & Nova are not too short of 100 win potential. 7 years for a 32 year old pitcher is not good management. When it's all said & done it will be considered a great night for NYY.

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