Yankees Mariano Rivera May Retire After 2012

Via Anthony McCarron of the NY Daily News:

[Mariano Rivera] himself brought up the idea that the deal might be the last of his career on Saturday, when asked if he preferred two years from the Yanks. “I wanted two years,” Rivera said. “That will be fine.

“I think maybe that might be the last two years.”

When prodded, Rivera’s face lit up into a grin and the 41-year-old righthander laughed, adding, “Maybe. I don’t know. I’ve been saying it since 2000, I think, you know? But I’m glad everything went fine and that everything got done.”

Rivera is already 41-years-old so this should not come as a huge surprise. There really aren’t a lot of pitchers who can stay effective into their mid-40’s. The last two pitchers the Yankees had at that age were Randy Johnson and Roger Clemens and one was probably on steroids and the other was wildly inconsistent.

That said, it is two years away and if he’s still effective then he’s not totally closing the door on another return. A lot can happen between now and then though so we should just sit back and see.

He’s probably going to retire though. You’ve been warned. Don’t take his final years for granted.

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