Yankees New Catcher Russell Martin Needs Knee Surgery

The deal technically just became official today and the new Yankees catcher Russell Martin already needs knee surgery.

Via George King of the NY Post:

The newly signed catcher has a small meniscus tear in his right knee and will have arthroscopic surgery Monday.

Martin passed his Yankees physical making the deal official Thursday.

“It’s a three-week recovery period,” GM Brian Cashman said. “We can take time with this. He will be full-throttle when called upon. We don’t want it to become a problem. It’s not a serious surgery at all.”

This has me worried. Yes typically this type of surgery is nothing, about a month and the player is back to normal. But this is a catcher we are talking about getting knee surgery. That is never a good thing. Catchers put a ton of miles on their knees during the coarse of a season and while these injuries generally heal quickly they do tend to linger occasionally.

It’s not that big of a deal though because the Yankees have Jesus Montero. He has a monster bat and even though it may take him a while to adjust to the majors it does feel good having him there as a Plan B. After all Martin is a risk-reward type player. We knew there was going to be some risk in the first place. Otherwise the Dodgers would have just re-signed him.

What do you think? Was this an ill-fated decision? Or is it worth the risk because Martin is potentially one of the best catchers in baseball if healthy?

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2 Responses to Yankees New Catcher Russell Martin Needs Knee Surgery

  1. Franco Kotos says:

    Martin needs knee surgery…what a harbinger…

  2. Joe says:

    This signing makes no sense. Why not give the young catchers a chance to win the job in Spring Training.

    This is not a vote of confidence for the young guys!! Learn from the SF Giants!! Develop and roster your players from within!! go with the young guys!! They have more heart and cost less money.

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