Yankees Re-Sign Rivera for 2-Years and $30 Mil

The Yankees and their future Hall of Fame closer Mariano Rivera reached an agreement on a two-year deal worth $30 million Thursday night, according to Christian Red of the NY Daily News. The deal is not finalized but it is believed it will be by Friday night.

He even took fewer dollars and fewer years than other teams offered to sign:

Thursday night, Rivera’s agent Fernando Cuza – who was one of the many guests at Red Sox slugger David Ortiz‘s celebrity golf tournament kickoff dinner – had said the Yankees and Rivera’s camp were “a little far apart” on getting a new deal done for Rivera, and that “hopefully we’ll be able to work it out.” But within hours, a deal came together, perhaps expedited because Rivera had recently received a three-year deal and more money (believed to be in the neighborhood of $17 million per year) from another team, according to the source. The source added that Rivera wanted to maintain his ties to the only team he has ever played for, and went with less money and fewer years to continue wearing pinstripes.

“He wanted to stay loyal to the Yankees,” the source said.

Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated confirmed that both the Red Sox and Angels offered him three year deals. There may have also been a third team that offered him a three-year pact.

Those offers might have been simply to drive up Rivera’s cost to the Yankees, but since there were three of them it seems safe to say that there was a great demand for Rivera this offseason. With all of that leverage he certainly could have made outrageous demands of the Yankees. It’s a good thing Derek Jeter doesn’t have this kind of leverage or who knows what he’d be asking for.

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6 Responses to Yankees Re-Sign Rivera for 2-Years and $30 Mil

  1. you got to love MO! I love that's he's coming back. now we need Jeet.


  2. Bronx Knight says:

    This is a really interesting contrast to Jeet. Mariano gets offers from other teams for more years and more money — and turns them down to remain a Yankee. The Yankees make Jeter an offer worth $12 to $15M above presumed market value — and there are no other offers — and Jeter insists his "brand" requires the Yanks to triple their offer. Who is the truer Yankee?

    It's starting to look like Jeter's first priority is the almighty dollar. Most players of his caliber rely on endorsements for extra money during their careers, and open businesses only after they've retired. But not Jeter, he can't wait: look at the chain of Equinox-style snazzy Derek Jeter Fitness Centers he's opened in NYC.

    Maybe in the end we'll all be happy and loving Jeter, but right now this negotiation process is not making him look good.

    Jeter's "brand" was about sportsmanship, fair play, hard work, and the pride of being a Yankee. Money came as a natural reward but was not the be-all and end-all. I think the Jeter "brand" is much dimmer now. Next time I see him pitch a product, frankly I will not be impressed.

  3. #1yankeegram says:

    Mo is a class act, it is no wonder he is beloved and respected in all of Yankee Universe. He absolutely has his priorities in the right places. We need more like him. I'm surprised at Jeet. But whenever he (Jeet) has to stop playing I think the man will stop breathing. I don't think he knows he is older, or doesn't want to admit it. Think of it, what else does he have besides playing and his money? The Boss is gone and I don't think the son's have the same love of the team and players that their father had. So maybe Jeet does have his side of the story to tell. I am sure Jeet and Andy will be back…I hope.

    Maybe we should get after Cash to get us some better pitchers. He's done a terrible job (not counting CC) with pitchers in the past couple of years. You know the Yanks have the money to spend!

  4. Mindkind says:

    I've always said the most important Yankee of this era is Rivera. He is the true Yankee and he has once again showed it. I'm happy he is coming back but I am worrying thinking about the day when he will retire. I don't fault Jeter for wanting his money after all this is his "job" and everybody that works knows that we want to get as much money as we can get. So let's not hang Derek. If the game wasn't where he makes money and it was all about championships then yeah the Yankees can say look we can sign Lee and Crawford with the money we save. But it's not this is Jeters "job" and he is within his rights to ask for his money.

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