Yankees Rumors: Mariners are Not Trading Felix Hernandez

Since the Yankees missed out on Cliff Lee a lot of fans have been left clamoring for the Mariners ace Felix Hernandez. Only one problem, he’s not available.

Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated spoke with Mariners general manager Jack Zduriencik who said he had “no interest in trading Felix.” On top of that Hernandez has a no-trade clause that allows him to block deals to 10 teams and according to Heyman one of those teams is believed to be the Yankees.

Although the reason the Yankees are on his no-trade list probably doesn’t have anything to do with him not wanting to pitch in the Bronx and probably more to do with money. Meaning that if he did accept a trade here the Yankees would probably have to give him a pretty hefty contract extension on top of everything.

That still doesn’t get around the problem that the Mariners don’t want to trade him. Even if they were willing to because of his age and the Yankees desperation any trade would make the Red Sox-Padres trade for Adrian Gonzalez look like a steal. And in that deal the Sox had to give up three of their top six prospects. This deal would sting.

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