Yankees Sign Minor Leaguer who was Arrested 4 Times

The Yankees have signed 23-year-old minor league lefty Steve Evarts, according to Matt Eddy of Baseball America.

Evarts is an interesting character. Making it as high as A-Ball, he was once a decent prospect for the Atlanta Braves putting up an ERA of 2.30 in 98 innings over parts of three seasons in the minors. He last pitched in 2008.

Since then though he has suffered multiple injuries, including one elbow injury, and was arrested a few times as well. His most recent arrest occurred this past April for possession of marijuana. In a newspaper article about the arrest it stated that he has been arrested at least four times since 2006.

So at one point he had potential, but injuries and off the field issues have derailed his career. The Yankees likely have done at background check on this guy and feel like he’s ready to straighten himself out. Or at least let’s hope they have.

Anyway, they have spent next to no money on this guy. If he doesn’t work out they release him at some point and there is no harm and no foul. Best case scenario, he pitches very well in spring training, starts the season in Double-A and contributes as a lefty out of the Yankees pen at some point down the road. The Yankees have been stockpiling on lefty relievers this offseason and this is just another part of that.

So what do you think? Are the Yankees smart for signing a lefty reliever with good upside? Or are they fooling themselves signing somebody who’s been arrested four times.

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4 Responses to Yankees Sign Minor Leaguer who was Arrested 4 Times

  1. Lincoln says:

    I trust the Yankees braintrust in that they did homework on this kid and made a decision that will not look bad on the organization. The Yankees have a reputation as being a group of "good" guys. They dont put up with serious on field antics (Zambrano), dugout antics (Longoria vs. Upton) or off the field antics (pick your DUI). Although Chamberlain has had his issues, I think that he has been straightened out and I think this youngster will do the same. For a possible high reward, low cost signing…I say good job!

  2. steve says:

    if he was arrested just for marijuana well who cares. better than drinking.

  3. Rob says:

    Great signing if he can keep his nose clean…Saw him pitch in high school and was pretty dominant…he did play up to the level of AA and I believe a couple games AAA (not sure)..I wish the Rays would have taken a chance on him.

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