Yankees Sign Pedro Feliciano to a 2-Year Deal

The Yankees have been looking to add a lefty reliever all offseason and it appears that they have finally gotten their man in former Met Pedro Feliciano, according to Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated.

The deal appears to be a two-year deal worth about $8 million plus an option for 2013.

Feliciano, 34, is coming off a season where he pitched in 92 games over 62.2 innings . He also had a 3.30 ERA, a 1.532 WHIP, a 8.0 K/9 and a 3.4 BB/9 rate. His numbers against lefties, .211 average and .574 OPS against are the biggest reason the Yankees are getting him though.

So what do you think? Smart move by the Yankees? Or should they have targeted Brian Fuentes or a different lefty?

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6 Responses to Yankees Sign Pedro Feliciano to a 2-Year Deal

  1. Mike S. says:

    Downs was my first choice, but I knew he wasn't coming (Type A, years, money). Feliciano was my second pick, based on the quality of work the past few years, no loss of a draft pick, and the fact he has NY experience (albeit, across town). His workload is a bit of a concern, but hopefully he won't need to be used as much as he has been the last three years.

    As stated, I preferred Feliciano over everyone else on the list except for Downs.

    A lefty was necessary (unless you believe that Boone Logan, who had ERA's of 4.97 and higher before the 2.93 of 2010 is the answer—I don't, and want Logan to prove it to me again). Especially with the Crawford and Gonzalez signings and Marte an uncertainty to ever return, a lefty was needed.

    A good signing, to me. 2 years, ok. Option for 3rd. No way do I give 3 guaranteed.

    Long journeys begin with single steps. A good step. Now on to more.

    As for Fuentes, he is probably looking to close or wants closer $$ (not sure, I am assuming as much). Setup man, used to the set up role, set up money. NY experience. All good by me, rather than shoving someone into a position he doesn't want to be in.

  2. Rafael says:

    Mr. Rob Abruzzese ¿What it's your opinionof signing Pedro Feliciano? Your opinion will kindly appreciated.

  3. I like it because he is dominant against lefties. But I'm worried about it because how much he has been used and abused over the past couple of years. He pitched in 92 games last year and Jerry Manuel has not been shy of using him in back to back games. He used him in 6 consecutive games at one point last year. No Yankee pitcher has done that at least in the past few years.

  4. rafael says:

    Mr. Rob Abruzzese your opinion please of this:

    Boston Red Sox Year 2010 vs. Boston Red Sox Year 2011

    The suppose super improvement of the Boston Red Sox by signing Crawford and Gonzalez it’s not that great. Let see a comparison between the 2010 team with Beltre and V. Martinez and the 2011 with Crawford and Gonzalez.



    Beltre 84 189 28 102 82 .321

    Martinez 64 149 20 79 52 .302

    Totals 148 338 48 181 132 .312

    Crawford 110 184 19 90 104 .307

    Gonzalez 87 176 31 101 114 .298

    Totals 197 360 50 191 218 .303

    In addition the Red Sox lost Mike Lowell, in addition V. Martínez it’s better in defensive than any one of the Red Sox catchers.

    The improvement it’s relative minus.

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