Pictures of Derek Jeter’s Tampa Mansion

It must be nice to be Derek Jeter. This is a guy who was just recently was locked in a bitter battle over his contract. I think he’s got a good deal of money.

Actually, it’s funny. This entire mansion cost Jeter $7.7 million and he is currently selling his Manhattan apartment for $20 million. Yeah, New York real estate is expensive and Tampa is just America’s wang.

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11 Responses to Pictures of Derek Jeter’s Tampa Mansion

  1. Pat says:

    Might have to swing by this weekend and get a shot from the front.

  2. Franco Kotos says:

    looks antiseptic…

  3. Kevin Ocala, Fl says:

    I had read $32 million, but that was was few years ago when the project started. Maybe Jeter cut some corners, linoleum and some formica? 😉

  4. Mike S. says:

    Yeah, I think he can sell Minka on those digs, what do you think?

  5. Joe says:

    20 million for an apartment in NY and 7.7 million for a mansion in Tampa. That does not even account for the reduced property taxes!! Gotta love NY.

  6. @Kevin, Jeter seems to really like stone houses. He has a place in Greenwood Lake, NJ that is all stone. It doesn't quite look like that though.

  7. Kevin Ocala, Fl says:

    I can understand the reason that the neighbors were upset w/ the house. Doesn’t fit Fl with that architecture, very strange looking hybrid..

  8. Bronx Knight says:

    Based on this photo, and also the price, it looks like it is just a very big house on a small waterfront plot. A mansion, but no estate.

    Plus the house is kind of tacky looking, at least from the outside. But, let's face it, I'm just jealous; I wish I could buy a waterfront mansion that jealous people would call tacky.

    Anyway, a Tampa domicile makes sense for Jeet: close to the Yankees headquarters, for what will probably be a lifelong relationship, plus he'll qualify for Florida income tax of $zero.

  9. yo87 says:

    7.7 mil is just what he paid for the land. Had to purchase two neighboring homes and combine the lots.

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