Andy Pettitte Speaks, Still Unsure About Yankees Return

Andy Pettitte on if he knows about his future yet via Brian Costello of the NY Daily News:

“I don’t,” Pettitte told The Post fresh off his two-week vacation in Hawaii. “I’m just chilling out, hanging. I’m relaxing. If I had something, y’all would know. If I knew exactly what I was doing, y’all would know.”

“I don’t want to be a story,” he said. “I really don’t want [the Yankees] to worry about me. I just want them to go, just go on.”

There you have it, Pettitte himself doesn’t know what he’s doing so at this point you can’t really listen to those to assume that they know. It does certainly sound like he’s ready to retire though. When somebody says ‘go on without me’ it doesn’t sound like they’re going to come back.

Even that much is pure speculation though. If he knew he was going to retire he would have said it already. We’re just going to have to wait until he makes an announcement.

We do know that if he does decide to come back he’ll have a raise waiting for him. He made $11.75 million last year and the Yankees seem ready to offer him at least $12-$13 million perhaps more.

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11 Responses to Andy Pettitte Speaks, Still Unsure About Yankees Return

  1. Robert G. Kramer says:

    This latest bit of Pettitte news is encouraging to me. It sounds like he's come back to neutral after leaning toward retirement.

  2. Marc Perez says:

    this is getting ridiculous

    • Susan says:

      I agree.

    • Hardcore Yankee Fan says:

      I agree this is getting a bit weary but this isn't like a situation with Favre where an entire team's strategy is dependent on what the individual decides. As a pitcher, he can be incorporated into the team at any point without any problems. Of course, I would feel better about it if he were at least training at home, especially at his age.

      I was much more annoyed with Clemens when he would "unretire" in the middle of the season, being extremely overpaid at that and using PEDs to boot.

  3. Franco Kotos says:

    I’ve always liked Andy…wasn’t happy when he went to Houston but he made it back to NY in time for #27…he needs to kill the suspense…

  4. NYYank55 says:

    Enough already!!! I love Andy as much as the next guy and appreciate his competitiveness throughout his career. But this "indecision" is really starting to irk me and many NYY fans as well. This is not Green Bay or Minnesota, and the longer he stalls in making a decision the more fans he is going to alienate.

    Andy keeps talking about doing what is right for his family. Well, what kind of a father and husband leaves $12-15 million on the table? Especially when we're only talking about one more year. I'm sure at this stage of the game one more year will not make that big of a difference. Plus he would get the chance to say good bye on the big stage. A sort of farewell tour if you will. But this waffling has got to STOP!!! Crap or get off the crapper already!!!

    • Alex Taffet says:

      The type of father who will leave $12-15 million on the table is one who has already set his family for life and cannot stand being away from them for such a long period of time. That is a horrid argument.

      And he is not pigeon-holding the Yankees, or at least he does not mean too. The Yankees can go ahead and explore any deal they wish to with or without Pettitte. As Hardcore Yankee Fan said, the Yankees' strategy is not dependent on Pettitte.

      • Franco Kotos says:

        Pettite is keeping his cards on the table…the Yankees want him for the 2011 season, the question is, how much are they willing to pay…something tells me that if the Yankees offered Pettite a raise to $15 mil, he'd be back…if he really wanted to retire, it would be done…this is probably his last shot and I don't blame him for waiting this out if that's his plan but as a fan, I'm not thrilled about not knowing…i agree with 55, if you want a big raise, ask for it, if it doesn't come in and you want to retire, do it!

      • NYYank55 says:

        Not many of us "regular" dads, me included, have the luxury of spending as much vacation time or quality time with their kids as do baseball players. Heck, I didn't see my first born awake until he was almost 3 years old because I had to work 14-16 hr days 7 days a week, so forgive me if my argument is "horrid". I don't feel bad for them being away from their families because that is the life they chose and they are being paid very handsomely for their services. Most of us will never earn in our lifetime what they make in a year. But to tell me that leaving that amount of money on the table for playing what is essentially a kid's game is NOT irresponsible, come on…how many kids did you grow up with that made it to the majors? Having the talent to make it to the majors is a gift. Not taking advantage of that gift for as long as you can is a sin.

  5. Mike S. says:

    A friend of mine brought it up before Christmas. I wondered about it myself. ESPN1050 in NYC mentioned it today or yesterday.

    Could Clemens’ upcoming federal perjury trial (this summer) be impacting Pettitte’s decision? Would Andy be called to testify?

  6. michael occhipinti says:

    if andy really wanted to retire i think he would have actually done it by now.he still is an effective pitcher and he knows he is bet is he will come back.

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