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General manager put out some interesting news today when he essentially told the NY Daily News that he didn’t think that Andy Pettitte would start the 2011 season. However, he backtracked from that stance shortly after that.

Here is what he told the Daily News: “I don’t think he’s determined if he’s officially finished or not, but he’s chosen at this stage at least not to start in 2011.”

He then said he misspoke and that he should have substituted the word “start” with the word “pitch”.

So essentially Cashman is not claiming that Pettitte may pull a Roger Clemens where he doesn’t start the season only to join them later on in the season. What he is saying is that even though he has made nothing official, at this point it seems he is not going to pitch in 2011.

Cashman summed up this position by saying: “Nothing new or different,” Cashman said. “Exactly what I’ve been saying for the past month or two months.”

So if you’ve read today that Pettitte is retired or definitely not starting the season with the team, you’ve read an inaccurate report. As of right now nothing has changed. Pettitte is still on the fence, but does not appear likely to play again.

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8 thoughts on “Cashman on Pettitte: “Nothing New or Different”

  • Yomommasan

    Here's 2 things I don't get: 1. da Yanks need Andy desperately. 2. He's jerking them around big time. Considering his career and all his actions from the day we first met him 15 years ago, did anyone think any person anytime would get a jerk job from Andy Pettitte????? What is going on here? This is so unlike anything Andy ever did or how he ever treated anyone before, I personally am flabbergasted. C'mon, Andy, how tough is it to say, "I will pitch" or "I will not pitch" or "I will not pitch until later in the season like Roger did"????? PICK ONE, damn it!

  • Rob Abruzzese Post author

    Again though, at this point last season they thought there was going to be a trail midseason in 2010. Now they think there will be a trial midseason in 2011. Nothing has changed there.

    Again, he doesn't even have to miss one start. They could easily schedule it that way for him.

    It might be a factor, but it's probably a small one. This is a guy who was talking about retirement going back to 2007 before this was even an issue.

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