Discussion: Alomar and Blyleven Elected to the Hall of Fame

I ignored the Hall of Fame this offseason. Mostly I just didn’t have time with all of the swirling Yankees rumors, but also I didn’t want to get into regular arguments about steroids that so many blogs have been consumed with lately.

That said, I should have had this up earlier and wouldn’t mind at least one discussion. Second baseman Roberto Alomar and pitcher Bert Blyleven were elected to the Hall of Fame yesterday.

Alomar was elected handily with 90 percent of the vote and Blyleven finally got in with 79.7 percent of the vote (players need at least 75 percent of the vote). The next closest were Barry Larkin at 62.1 percent, Jack Morris at 53.5 percent, and Lee Smith at 45.3 percent.

The Hall of Fame debate has almost totally gotten out of hand for a couple of reasons. The biggest has to do with steroids. There are writers, who almost entirely ignored steroids for years, who seem to have taken it upon themselves to hand down punishment for PED’s. It’s gotten so bad that Jeff Bagwell, who has no known connection to steroids, is being punished for nothing.

The flip side of this argument are people who think that Rafael Palmeiro and Mark McGwire types should be elected despite known connections to steroids. This argument will get even more interesting when Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds come around.

Then there seems to be an old school – new school battle. The old school insists that players like Morris are Hall of Famers despite what look like pedestrian numbers. The new school are the type that got Blyleven elected. He was long ignored by voters, but some bloggers took it upon themselves to point out that his numbers were as good as anybody’s.

Personally I would vote for Bagwell as there is no evidence against him and hearsay just doesn’t cut it with something this big. Also if you believe that he took steroids then you probably believe, or at least should, that there are already steroid users in the Hall (perhaps a few). Is it fair to let some steroid users in and not others?

I want to hear what the BBD readers have to say. I think there should have been at least five and maybe more people voted in today. Who do you think should have been voted in and why? Who was rightly left out?

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