Yankees Andy Pettitte Decision Expected This Week, Retirement Expected

Update: Bob Klapisch reports that “everything” points to Pettitte retiring. Not exactly good news.

Original post:Via Wallace Matthews of ESPN New York:

Now that the holidays are over and Andy Pettitte has had more than enough time to mull over his future, the Yankees expect to hear from him this week on whether or not he will return to pitch in 2011. According to a team official, Pettitte and his family just returned from a Hawaiian holiday vacation and the Yankees believe he will let them know his intentions in a matter of days, after which the team will decide upon its next course of action. “Starter, reliever, a bat, it depends on what’s out there,” the official said. ‘”But we gotta know what Andy is gonna do first.”

Mark Teixeira has apparently been in contact with Pettitte this offseason and said that it sounds like he’s going to retire, but even that is speculation. The fact is, nobody knows what he is going to do. Most of what’s come out this offseason has been that he’s likely to retire and that may be true, but until it comes directly from him nothing is official.

Pettitte has been working on one-year contracts since he returned to the Yankees in 2007. He made $11.75 million last year, but only a $5.5 million base salary the year before. There is some thought that Pettitte was very upset over that $5.5 million contract (that actually ended up being worth $11.5 million) and that he may be using this opportunity to drive up his price to make up for that contract.

Pettitte has a lot of leverage this offseason because despite the fact that he missed much of 2010 with an injury, he did get off to one of the best starts of his career before the groin injury. Also, since the Yankees missed out on Cliff Lee their rotation has been very thin. It is possible that the Yankees may not even be a playoff team without Andy. So their desperation may mean that he could earn close to $16 million if he returns.

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18 Responses to Yankees Andy Pettitte Decision Expected This Week, Retirement Expected

  1. Dante says:

    The Yanks need to find a way to sign Andy for 2 years and pay him Mariano money. He's actually gotten better over time and he's a solidifying force. They need that now while they nurture some young talent to step in and produce at Yankee expected levels.

  2. Not the first time I’ve heard news like this about Pettitte this offseason.

  3. You are right Lenny, but the last time we heard this it was from Jon Heyman. I think Matthews is a more reliable source. Who knows though because his Yankees source may just be speculating.

  4. Delia says:

    If he’s ready to go, then he’s ready to go. If he’s ready to come back then he’ll come back. Whatever the decision he makes, Yankee fans should know he did right by his family no matter what, and he gave the Yankees the best 10 years or so of his career.

  5. Franco Kotos says:

    Pettite is not the problem. Cashman needs to step up and give this $200 mil team a viable #4 and #5 pitcher. Ivan Nova and the washed up contingent of 35 year old pitchers are the not answer.

  6. smurfy says:

    Andy was much more dynamic last year than in the past, until his body broke down. Oft I heard, "He's lost some velocity, but he's learned how to pitch." I want a guy like that back, but if he breaks down midseason, we'll be in a big hole again.

    That's why I suggested a few weeks back, Rob, that he be used in the pen. That, and Andy's mention of the pain that came after every start, as he explained his retirement consideration in some previous post-season. I know frequent pen use can be harder on some arms, but with metered use?

    And I know we need a starter now, but if he can't last the whole year, could we save him for the latter half? A big finish?

    • I would say that there is no chance that Pettitte is used out of the bullpen. None. There is a chance that he could pull a Clemens and join the team in June especially if the Yankees are having trouble with their rotation by late April early May.

  7. Mike S. says:

    How do you know Nova won’t be a decent #5? The guy turns 24 next week. He has 10 MLB games, 7 starts, under his belt. You are giving up on him already without giving him a legitimate shot? 1-2, 4.50 wasn’t that bad for a 23 yr. old rookie.

    • Franco Kotos says:

      Nova could be a decent #5 pitcher but not for the Yankees…he could be an innings eater but he fades too fast…out of the shoot he pitched fairly well but got knocked around once he got noticed in the 2nd half of his debut…he's a AAA marvel, that's all imo…

      • Mike S. says:

        The guy hasn't turned 24 yet, and you are giving up on him already. Sheesh. You can't give up on guys that quickly. Hell, Ron Guidry didn't get it going until he was almost 27.

  8. The Yankees should get Manny Ramerez and should also look into John Maine from the Mets he could fill the 4th spot in the rotation. It would really fill a couple of problems and cause some for other teams to deal with. Manny still has a great bat and John Maine would be great in the AL East. Let me know what you think?

    • smurfy says:

      I love to watch Maine pitch, with his fluid delivery. But I think he has shoulder problems, and could not be used until rehabbed.

    • John Maine's career is over. He's lost over 10 mph off his fastball and is useless to anyone. Also, where is Manny going to play? The Yankees have 3 outfielders and a DH. Manny isn't going to sign here to come off the bench. You also wouldn't want to sign him and trade an outfielder because he's too much of an injury risk.

      • kevin says:

        Rob, you are so right, forget about Manny, at 39 yrs old his #s are really dropping, couple that with his attitude and his diminishing fielding skills, all I see is a bench or DH job at the most somewhere. I haven’t heard his name mentioned at all this offseason, I somehow feel his phone is not ringing off the hook !

    • Mike S. says:

      Manny? No bleeping way. No D, poor attitude, and about done.

      18 for 69 with the White sox. Just 2 XBH, 1 double, 1 HR and 2 RBI.

      No place for him.

      No, No, No and NO.

  9. Anthony Re says:

    I believe, Andy will retire!

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