Heyman: Yankees Agree to Terms with Rafael Soriano

The Yankees have agreed to terms with free agent relief pitcher Rafael Soriano according to Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated.

The deal is believed to be worth $35 million over three years pending a physical. So much for not giving up a first round draft pick. The deal also comes with an opt-out clause that would allow Soriano to leave the Yankees after one or two years.

Tim Brown of Yahoo Sports confirms that the deal is worth $35 million over three years.

Tyler Kepner of the NY Times is reporting that Soriano gets $11.5 million if he opts out after one year, $21.5 million if he opts out after two, and $35 million if he stays all three years.

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5 Responses to Heyman: Yankees Agree to Terms with Rafael Soriano

  1. Joe says:

    Great move!! Shorten the game to 6 innings just like the old days. Best of all we did not have to give up any of our very talented young players.

  2. Susan says:

    Woo-hoo! The Yankees have a pulse after all! I'm all for this move, especially if it makes Joba expendable. I agree shortening the game to six innings is great, assuming the shabby rotation keeps us in the game through six. If I were Cashman, I'd tell Andy to shove it at this point with all the ridiculous, selfish, shenanigans he's pulled and sign a Millwood/Francis type of stop gap until something better comes along. Oh yeah, and pray AJ somehow, someway bounces back.

  3. Mindkind says:

    I think this is a good move as it shortens the games. It takes pressure off of the starters. I don't understand people giving up on such a talented guy as Joba Chamberlain. He is young and cheap and has time to perhaps work out his issues. Why give up on him? I expect a good season from Joba as he will be another year removed from that shoulder problem that I think bothered him for a while. Imagine if Joba returns to being dominant like he was when he came up! Good move here by the Yankees signing Soriano, now if Andy Pettite returns then the Yankees will be hard to contend with in the playoffs.

  4. Franco Kotos says:

    I like Soriano but the Yankees have huge needs in their rotation. There's not much out there and this move helps but I'm hoping Cashman has a better answer for the rotation.

    • Mindkind says:

      I think this gives the Yankees a championship bullpen. The rotation I think will be addresed at some point via trade or in-house options. If it were up to Cashman he would get the best but sometimes the best isn't available. The Yankees always opt to get better when they have the chance and now is no different. They will make moves to get better it's just that they might not happen when fans want them to happen.

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