Kevin Long Plans on Working with Jeter Before Spring

Unlike a few of his teammates, Derek Jeter has never been the type who obsesses with his swing. His style is just to take extra batting practice, see the ball and hit the ball.

That seems to have been before he hit an un-Jeterian like .270 as Yankees hitting coach Kevin Long has discussed doing work with the Captain before spring training.

This is good news for Yankee fans. It seems like Jeter is poised for a bounce back year in 2011. In the past when he was criticized for poor defense he worked his butt off and became a much better fielder. Now he looks like because of the bad year and the poor contract negotiations that he’s motivated to work even harder to get his average back to where it needs to be.

Still, Jeter is going to be 37 this year so there is a lot of work to be done and ultimately no matter how hard he works eventually his age will catch up to him. The best thing he can do is be prepared and with Jeter that has never been a question. It’s good to see him adapting as he gets older.

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