Looking at the Yankees Potential 25-Man Roster

It appears the Yankees are nearly done dealing this offseason. They would still probably like to add another starter and possibly even another bench piece, but there seems to be nothing imminent at this point. So with three weeks until pitchers and catchers report, let’s take a look at where they stand.

Potential Lineup

Potential Rotation

Potential Bullpen

Potential Bench

Assuming that all of this is a given, it gives the Yankees one last spot to work with. The way I have it set up they have an 11-man pitching staff. That is generally on the short end so it’s possible that they’ll bring a long reliever with them. The only problem is that there is no obvious option here. That could mean the Yankees will still likely add another reliever, but hopefully it means that Andy Pettitte will come back and Mitre can be slotted into the bullpen.

Otherwise the Yankees might have to call-up one of the youngsters from the minors. Somebody like Andrew Brackman or Hector Noesi are the most obvious here, but it could be a spring training invitee here. The Rule 5 Draft could come into play here. LHP Robert Fish or RHP Daniel Turpen are the two players the Yankees took in the draft, but if they get RHP’s George Kontos or Lance Pendleton back from the Padres it could be either of them as well.

The Yankees don’t need their fifth starter a whole lot during the month of April though. So at least for the first part of the season they may elect to go with another bench piece. There are three main possibilities here for me. The first is Jesus Montero, then there is Brandon Laird or Greg Golson. All three could fill interesting roles for the Yankees over the first month.

So to recap, here are the possible 25th players for the Yankees right now:

  • Pettitte (they’re is still technically hope)
  • Brackman
  • Noesi
  • Fish
  • Turpen
  • Kontos
  • Pendleton
  • Montero
  • Laird
  • Golson

Between that and a possible battle for the no. 5 rotation spot (neither Mitre nor Nova exactly have spots locked down) it could be a very interesting spring training.

What do you think? If it were up to you, how would you like to see the Yankees roster made up? Is there a free agent still available that you think fits in well to this potential roster?

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Rob Abruzzese created Bronx Baseball Daily in 2008 just before graduating from Brooklyn College. He currently serves BBD as its editor and works as a reporter at the Brooklyn Daily Eagle. Follow Rob on Twitter @RobAbruzzese.
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18 Responses to Looking at the Yankees Potential 25-Man Roster

  1. JoeF says:

    There is no way Cashman will go into the season with Mitre as the 5th starter.Maybe it's wishful thinking but I think Pettitte will come back.I hope Girardi has the guts to lead off Gardner.

    • Bronx Knight says:

      Rob, it is so logical that I just glossed over the fact that you have Gardner leading off. Will that actually happen? Like Joe F, I sure hope so.

  2. Bronx Knight says:

    Nice summary Rob.

    Assuming that Andy stays retired, then I say bring up Brackman and let him compete with Nova and Mitre for the 4 and 5 spots, with the out-man going to long relief.

    Although from a player development perspective, maybe it would make more sense to just go with Nova and Brackman 4-5 and put Mitre back into the pen.

    If Andy comes back (please please please), then Nova no. 5, with Mitre to the pen. We can then bring up Brackman later if Nova falters.

  3. Hardcore Yankee Fan says:

    Agreed. Nice list.

    Probably the best bullpen in baseball. Arguably the best offense in baseball. If Pettitte should come back, they are a lock for the playoffs with a reasonable chance at ring number 28.

  4. Hardcore Yankee Fan says:

    As I review the bench players, I really wish they would swap Montero for Cerv and make sure that Nunez gets most of the playing time that Pena used to get.

  5. Lincoln says:

    Does anyone have any faith in Mark Prior making a comeback? I guess I'm just rooting for the guy, but I have my fingers crossed that he can be a helpful piece of the bullpen at some point this season.

  6. Susan says:

    All I can say is that line up better score a record amount of runs this season because that rotation is deplorable. And come opening day, remind me to hang myself if Ramiro Pena is still on the 25 man roster. As for the bullpen, it looks solid and they better be because I have a feeling on days that CC and Phil aren't pitching they're going to be called upon extensively.

  7. Will says:

    Why Pena and Nunez?

  8. I have a feeling that they'll take both Nunez and Pena because Jeter and A-Rod are old. They're both going to need regular rest. Pena is the backup third baseman and Nunez is the shortstop. If Nunez does well enough the Yankees could send Pena down.

    • Mike S. says:

      Not to mention that Pena is an emergency catcher (which shouldn't be much of a concern, what with Martin, Cervelli/Montero and Posada). He was that last year—the emergency C. Thank goodness, he was never pressed into that role, but …. Pena can also be an emergency OF as well.

  9. bronxbrain says:

    I agree with Bronx Knight: If Andy doesn't sign, then I want to see Brackman compete with Mitre for the fifth spot in the rotation. If Mitre wins the competition, then Brackman goes down to SWB–for two months. Either way, he's in the rotation by July.

  10. Jaremy says:

    No way Brackman starts the season up in The Show. Would love to see it, but he's a midseason callup at best. Let's just hope Mitre can get the Yanks through a third of the season in decent shape and in time for a callup or trade.

  11. kevin says:

    Kevin Long says Montero is ready for the big leagues. I say play the heck out of him in spring training and let him get used to the big league pitching. I am willing to let him give up some errors because I feel his offensive output will far exceed Cervellis better defense from last year. It's obvious Ca$hman isn't going to trade him at this point and he's got nothing else to prove in AAA. It's time to bring him up. (can you say Buster Posey)

  12. Cervelli's better defense? He was one of the worst defensive catchers in all of baseball last year second to Jorge Posada.

    • kevin says:

      Rob, you're absolutly right, I should have worded that better. Cervelli was not that good defensively, he DOES have more experience catching major league pitching. Even though Montero does not have the MLB experience yet, he would be an upgrade over Cervelli.

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