Notes from Soriano Press Conference with Stuff on Joba & Pettitte

This afternoon the Yankees held a press conference to announce their new relief pitcher Rafael Soriano. Here are a few notes from that conference:

On Cashman’s role in signing Soriano, via Joe Lemire of Sports Illustrated:

Yankees GM Brian Cashman acknowledges he did not recommend signing of Soriano. Says final call was Hal Steinbrenner’s. Cashman: “I just didn’t think it was an efficient way to allocate our remaining resources.”

Also via Petter Botte of NY Daily News:

“Its not my team. I don’t own it. They do…In any job you better be prepared for every decision to not go your way,” Cashman said. “I think 29 other GMs would love to have their owner shove Rafael Soriano down their throat.”

On Joba Chamberlain‘s possible return to the rotation via Botte:

Cashman: “Joba is a bullpen guy, for the 200th time.”

On the remaining free agent market, via Bryan Hoch of

“It’s a difficult market to choose from. Listen, if you’re still on the board, there’s a reason for it,” said Cashman. “The starter might have to come from within. Hopefully we have some of these young kids answer the bell for us.”

Cashman also spoke about Pavano as well, but we’ve already covered that. Joe Girardi confirmed that Andy Pettitte has been working out, but said that he still hasn’t made up his mind on whether or not he will play in 2011.

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11 Responses to Notes from Soriano Press Conference with Stuff on Joba & Pettitte

  1. Bronx Knight says:

    Wow. Very frank comments from Cashman about his lack of desire for Soriano. You would think that, out of respect for Soriano (now a Yankee) and the ownership, Cashman would have been diplomatic and just said something like how he was happy to have Sori on board. Is Cashman always this outspoken?

    • Lucas Weick says:

      I think he had to come out and clear the air about the contract negotiations. Otherwise it would have seemed a little odd if he just dodged reporters questions about it, and that would have probably been interpreted as a rift with ownership.

  2. I disagree with you Lucas. Cashman could have played that a lot cooler. The words "shoved down their throat" were particularly unnecessary. If this weren't a big deal then he could have phrased it much better. Cashman speaks with the media a lot, he for the most part, chooses his words very carefully.

    • Lucas Weick says:

      I totally agree that he could have rephrased some of his comments, or not said some at all, but I think a lot of that stemmed from frustration with ownership. He had just said (prior to the Soriano deal) that he wouldn't give up the 1st round pick for any of the remaining free agents. Then Hal Steinbrenner signs Soriano and sends the 1st round pick to Tampa, making Cashman look like a complete fool. So I can't be too critical of his comments today. 

      What kills me is Randy Levine sitting there and calling Cashman "the best general manager in the game." Really? Then there isn't much trust from ownership for being the best GM in baseball.

  3. Mike B. says:

    It appears Steinbrothers pulled a power play on Cash & he didn't like it especially after George gave him 100% complete control. He was & still may let people know during spring interviews with the press. Mike F. at WFAN definatley will grill him.

    As far as Joba is concerned I just dont get this one. Did Joba do somthing to Cash to *&%$ him off?

  4. Mike B. says:

    And why is it taking so long to sign a 4th outfielder. ou think Cash was working on a contract for Babe Ruth. Sign Jones & move on to the next area of concern.

  5. Franco Kotos says:

    I don't like Jones…he's a .200 hitter with some power and a decent glove…if there's nothing better, sign him but he's going to tick off a lot of Yankee fans when he kills rallies…

  6. C.A.P.P says:

    Jones is a good fit, team resembles 96…plus arod, which despite him being the most talented player in his generation…is a minus. Alas have faith…..WE ARE THE YANKEES….yes WE, the FANS.., this team will be up there, however, mark my words; we must back Jeter, give strength to young arms, help this team realize it's potential and let the pinstripes do the rest. We don't win because of the money (if not cubs, mets would be contenders)nah. Any good Yankee prefers to remember the pre-free agent era: 20's to 60's, the mid 90's turn around. I watch baseball and not tennis because it's a team sport, a collective victory, and "ad astra per aspera"…once again the Yankees will stride supreme. Perhaps not in ultimate victory but in the way we pursue it.

    A new dynasty beckons….

    Good night to all

    • Franco Kotos says:

      The Yankees have a lot to look forward too but their next dynasty is possibly a couple years away…this team has the potential to win it all but we really need to see some of the top minor league talent in pinstripes as we saw guys like Jeter, Williams, Pettite, Rivera, Posada and others ascend in the middle 1990's…the Yankees have a lot of talent in the minor leagues but we will have to wait a bit before we see these guys become stars…

  7. Pat says:

    Cash sounding a bit ticked off in a passive aggressive way here.

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