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The Yankees failed on signing Cliff Lee this offseason and without much else available on the free agent market they have failed to make any major upgrades to their rotation this offseason.

Instead the Yankees will look toward upgrading via a trade during the season and if that fails they’ll be back in the free agent market next offseason. The problem is that next offseason’s free agent market isn’t exactly awe inspiring. There is basically Mark Buehrle, Edwin Jackson, Joel Pineiro, and C.J. Wilson and none of those pitchers are clear no. 2 starters behind CC Sabathia.

Because of this, the Yankees could turn toward Japan and Yu Darvish.

I’ve taken a few looks at Darvish in the past, but nothing really was ever too in depth. Larry Koestler of the Yankeeist took a better look at the Japanese righty today in a great read.

Koestler surmises that the Yankees may take the $160 million that they were willing to invest into Lee and spend up to $130 million of it to bring Darvish to the Bronx. Then he examines some of the pluses, he’s still only 24, and minuses, he’s already thrown over 1,000 professional innings, of signing him. He also tries to gauge some of his projections to determine if a Darvish signing would be worth it.

Take a look at Koestler’s article. He admits that he has gotten a little excited about Darvish’s potential, but warns that he is an unknown quantity.

What do you think? Is this something that the Yankees should get involved in? Or are they better off targeting somebody like Jackson or Buehrle?

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27 thoughts on “Read: Yu Darvish Could be the Yankees Next Big Target

  • smurfy

    I would tend to agree with Hardcore, that Felix would be a better target, much more proven, and there are others, Wainright, Kershaw that prospects, players and/or money could achieve. (fair thought about using a big wad of money, Hardcore, but I wonder if that is legit?)

    I am wary of the differences in the leagues and the cultures – it is widely held that NY presents a risk of pressures that challenge. What of the challenge that would face young Darvish?

    I would lean heavily on ML scouts, but a different crew than those that OKed Kei, to try to address the potential differences.

    Last, I'd say that the $160 million is not cash burning a hole in current pockets, it was scary commitment against future revenues.

  • Hardcore Yankee Fan

    Even allowing for the fact that next season’s free agent pickings are slim, the Yanks would be crazy to sink $130 million into this guy. He’s completely unproven in MLB, let alone the AL East. $130 million??? They would have been better off offering Cliff Lee $175 million for 5 years. Another plausible alternative is to give the Mariners a $50 million booty on top of a few prospects for Felix.

  • Beat Of The Bronx

    Yu Darvish looks like the real deal. I also did something on him, and at his age, he compares very well to and even outperforms Matsuzaka by a large margin and Dice-K was supposed to be a legit ace in the MLB

  • Rob Abruzzese Post author

    Everyone realizes that Felix Hernandez is not available and there is a decent chance he won't be available for a long time. This isn't a video game.

  • CrimDef1

    I’m with Pete. Look: Dice-K was at least productive, but has not shown the durability the Red Sux hoped. Irabu and Kei Igawaa were unmitigated disasters. There are a number of good young arms in the pipeline. If we need an arm by, say, the all-star break, take the 150 and go buy Felix. Leave this long-shot alone. 1000 inningas already?

  • Hardcore Yankee Fan

    As for Darvish, he may very well be all that but the bottom line is that Japan hasn't exported even ONE pitcher in 15+ years that can remotely be claimed as a true ace, or anything close to for that matter. Even though there have been several that have been built up as such. I'll believe it when I see it. $130 million would represent the third highest contract given to a pitcher if memory serves. There were plenty of naysayers of the Santana and Sabathia contracts. Does it really sound like a good plan to give that to a pitcher who hasn't thrown one pitch in the majors???

    As for the Yankees and this notion of a bottomless well of money, I don't really know about that. None of us probably ever will. What I do know is that their reported profits have been very minimal (decent in the past year or two but BIG losses prior to the new stadium). I believe they only have a 20% stake in YES. What no one ever mentions is that there is a $1.5 billion stadium that is well over a decade from being paid off on. I can easily see $100M going out the door for the principal on that stadium each year, which does not get reported as an expense so it makes operating profits look substantially higher than what their actual cash flow situation is.

  • Franco Kotos

    this guy Yu Darvish is interesting but the price tag seems pretty high…is the $130 million considered a posting fee (i forget what they call that) and/or salary?

  • Franco Kotos

    the Yankees are stuck with some big fat contracts on the books for several years…the only significant contract leaving soon is Posada…Swisher will hopefully resign a short term deal if he keeps producing…

  • smurfy

    I just noticed the jackass in the picture above Yu Darvish. That's not Yu's agent, is it?

    (btw, what is Yu's windup like, before delivery? I hate Dice-K's and Ching Ming's exaggerated stretch – Is he going to do that ALL game?)

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