Rumors: Armando Galarraga Looks Like A Diamondback

The Tigers waived Armando Galarraga last week giving them 10 days to trade the pitcher who pitched a 28-out perfect game last season. It appears likely that the Diamondbacks are going to be the team that lands him according to Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated.

The Yankees were rumored to be interested in Galarraga as a potential back of the rotation starter. He wouldn’t be bad for them as he is a lot more likely to throw 200 innings than most of the guys they have been interested this offseason. The problem is though, he’s really not better than Sergio Mitre who is expected to be the Yankees no. 5 starter this season. So there is no dire need to land Galarraga.

At this point though the entire thing is moot. He seems likely to go to Arizona and even if he doesn’t go there other teams seem to be interested in him too including the Pirates and possibly the Nationals.

Brian Cashman knows that Galarraga isn’t much of an upgrade over what they already have so if other teams are motivated they could probably outbid the Yankees pretty easily here.

As of right now it appears that the Yankees no. 4 and no. 5 starters are Mitre and Ivan Nova.

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