Rumors: Yankees Considering Freddy Garcia

Via Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated:

Orioles, Yankees considering Freddy Garcia. Padres, Cardinals, Pirates, Mets also seek pitching.

The Yankees are looking to add another starter this offseason and if they really believe Andy Pettitte will retire they’ll step up their efforts soon.

It’s hard to tell why they weren’t in on left-hander Jeff Francis, but it is possible that they thought he was too much of an injury risk. Aside from Garcia, the Yankees have also been connected to Bartolo Colon, Jeremy Bonderman, Justin Duchscherer, and Kevin Millwood.

Garcia, 35, was once a workhorse, but his career has been derailed by shoulder problems. Last year was the first time he threw at least 150 innings since 2006 so maybe the Yankees think he has turned a corner. At this point the only other name on the list above that are likely to pitch more innings than Garcia next year is Millwood. All the others come with very big question marks.

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12 Responses to Rumors: Yankees Considering Freddy Garcia

  1. Susan says:

    I agree Millwood would be the best option from this list. Actually, I have always liked him and wouldn't mind him as a 5. My theory about why Cashman wasn't in on Jeff Francis is because he's not quite far enough over the hill to fit the bill like most others we've shown interest in this offseason. I'm half expecting David Well's name to come up as a possibility soon or even El Duque Hernandez. I just do not understand this turn back the clock mentality we're showing this offseason.

  2. Joe says:

    I agree. Let's give the young pitchers a chance. Look what the SF giants did last season. We have many talented arms in our minor league system. We need to show confidence in them.

  3. Susan says:

    Hi Joe,

    Normally I'm not huge into giving a bunch of young pitchers a shot because you just never know. The Yankees, to my liking, are a win now team and we'll see about the future some other time. I don't mind giving a kid a look later in the season or if the injury bug hits. But hey, right now I see the Yankees going nowhere and I'm all for giving the Killer Bs or whatever young guys a shot like you say. It sure beats Freddy Garcia, Bartolo Colon, Luis Vizciano, Tommy John, Rick Rhoden, Rich Dotson or whatever yesteryear pitcher they've been linked to the past month or so. I mean honest to God, I don't know if any of the recent rumors are even true or not but it's getting down right embarrassing. How about we actually go after someone say, in their 20s, or early 30s that is actually still pitching in the league unlike Mark Prior who hasn't pitched since shortly after the 2nd Bush administration began. Sheesh.

  4. Susan says:

    No Rob, I actually don't. Mainly because it's probably too late in the offseason thanks to Mr. Pettitte's dragging of his feet. And I'm not the GM being paid for coming up with a game plan, even though I should be. 😛 I also want to let you know Rob, that even though it seems like I'm being a little ball of hate in a lot of your posts, none of it is directed at you in any way. I like this place a lot and you are a good writer and I'm sorry if I ever gave the impression otherwise. In case you haven't noticed, I am a very opinionated and passionate woman. I'm a radio personality for a large radio station where I live so I'm not bashful. But please don't take anything I say personal towards you, other than I think you'd look better clean shaven. 😛 I know I've been very outspoken about the things or lack thereof the Yanks have done lately but I'm just frustrated. I love the Yankees so much it's all I think about 24/7/365. You probably won't believe this but when we lost the 01 Series in the 9th inning in Game 7, I missed two days of work and actually went to several sessions with a psychologist to get over that nightmare. I'm not sure it ever really work because I still remember that one loss more than all the World Series wins and find myself reliving that 9th inning over and over. All I can see in my mind is Mariano throwing that ball into centerfield on the bunt attempt. So yes, I take things rather serious when it comes to the Yankees.

    • Bronx Knight says:

      Susan, I've noticed your posts many times and you're sharp in both senses of the word — smart and cutting. Your posts are always appropriate and appreciated.

      Since you opened the closet door a little bit, which media market do you work in?

  5. Nothing was taken personally. I was just wondering if there was something you thought Cashman could have done or something he could do going forward. This offseason's options were pretty bleak to start with. The reason the Yankees went so hard after Lee was that there really weren't other attractive options.

    I have no problem with any of your posts though. Comment away.

  6. Garcia may not be the answer. But in this free agent market, what can yo do. Millwood has the best health record, but has time passed him by? How about this, what does it hurt to bite the bullet and sign one of these guys while all the while keeping an eye on the younsters?

  7. I think that's the idea. I doubt Cashman really thinks he's going to get 200 innings from Garcia or Colon for instance, but the minor leaguers aren't quite ready. Maybe by July 1 or 2 will be ready. So these Garcia and company are looked at more like as stop gaps at the very least until you can call up Noesi, Phelps, Brackman, ect.

  8. roberto says:

    Yankees are situated at the junction that they bought it for them. They put all their eggs in one basket and tryed exclusively to zero in the signing of Mr. Lee's withouth loking at other options. Now, the field is relatively thin and the two possibilities that they may have are not the greatest around the league; but the question they have to ask themselves? Whicho one is the best fit for them? Milwood or Garcia. I without having any doubt, I will say none of both men is the answer that they are searching for. But, Milwood could be better choice than Garcia.Remember "Choice and Answer" spells differently.

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