Rumors: Yankees Interested in Bartolo Colon

The Yankees are reportedly interested in signing free agent starter Bartolo Colon according to the Spanish AP (H/T to MLB Trade Rumors for the translation).

Without any big names on the free agent market the Yankees seem to be looking at pitchers who are higher risk/higher reward types. This will keep costs down while providing more time for their minor league prospects to develop. The alternative this offseason seems to be giving long-term contracts to mediocre pitchers.

Colon fits into this category well. Once a 20 game winner, Colon hasn’t pitched since 2009 and hasn’t been able to toss more than 100 innings since 2005. The big question is whether or not he’s healthy which so far this offseason he has been. In seven starts in the Dominican Winter League he has posted a 1.47 ERA. There is a big difference between making seven or eight starts and pitching over the course of an entire season.

Colon, 37, also has the Rangers and Indians interested in him, but he would be smart to wait out Andy Pettitte. The Yankees need another starter now, but if Pettitte decides to retire they’ll really need another starter. That automatically drives up the bidding for Colon. Even the Rangers or Indians might have to increase their bids just out of fear the Yankees could flex their financial muscle.

Still, all three teams are likely to want to sign Colon on a minor league deal with a ton of incentives. In Pettitte retires he could hold out for a guaranteed major league deal, but that’s a long shot. Realistically it would probably just increase his incentives.

What do you think? Should the Yankees target Colon? Or should they target somebody else or just stick with the minor leaguers?

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21 Responses to Rumors: Yankees Interested in Bartolo Colon

  1. Susan says:

    So this is what I gather from reading this blog today. The Yankees have no interest in Soriano, yet DO have interest in Bartolo Colon, Brian The Choke Artist Fuentes, and have already signed Mark Hasn't Pitched Since 06 Prior and Luis Vizciano. What's next, "Yankees interested in bringing back Jaret Wright"? Why not just bring back Felix Heredia, Juan Acevedo and Armando Benitez? I'm completely disgusted and baffled over what has become of this team this offseason. My God.

    • I'm just shaking my head at this.

      • Susan says:


        Are you shaking your head at what I said or the fact the Yankees have interest in Colon? I'm just extremely frustrated at what we're doing this off season. Now I see we might go after Andruw Jones or Johnny Damon. Heck, was Ken Griffey Jr. not available? We may have to change the name to the New York Geezers next season. The Sox have got to be laughing themselves into a stupor over this stuff. Back to the original point, I'd honestly rather see Pavano back than Colon. At least he wouldn't actually be on the mound enough to hurt us. :/

    • Sambo says:

      You are so correcto, looks bad..real bad for 2011. I don’t get it either Susan, it just makes me want to barf. Boston is going to kick behind, what happened to the rivalry? I’m glad George is not around to witness this Bartolo who? Mark what? come on if you can’t get starting pitching then beef up the bullpen,,what is Cash waiting on..a miracle? I’m not buying MLB satellite this year, No Yes network .. no reason to watch.

    • Tanned Tom says:

      Time to fire the GM.

  2. We need another starter. this means now. If Pettitte comes back and we already have one, that's a good problem. I've been writing about it for weeks. Either something bigs about to happen or the Yanks have decided 2011 is not their year. For some reason, I can't believe that its the latter.

  3. Franco Kotos says:

    Bartolo Colon would get hit at AA ball…much better off signing another has-been. Freddie Garcia is a better choice, even Sidney Ponson!

  4. Lincoln says:

    I still like Jeff Francis for that “what the hell, take a chance” spot in the rotation. I have a feeling that he is due for a great year (even if its just one in his career). Freddy Garcia isnt bad and I’ve even heard people talk about a Joe Blanton deal. If we can survive the first half of this year with what we have now (with Pettitte retiring), we could pick up someone like CJ Wilson, Joel Pineiro, Adam Wainwright or another decent starter who could be a free agent in 2012. I dont think Colon is the answer. By the way…Go Prior! Gotta have faith in the “used to be” ace! I hope it all goes well!

  5. Tanned Tom says:

    Colon is not high risk/high reward. He is no-risk/high reward. If he craps out, so what, he won’t cost anything. If he makes 30 starts with a 4.50 ERA, jackpot.
    There is no way the NYY will win the WS in 2011 with Burnett as their 3rd pitcher. Whether the upgrade comes from within or as a FA signing scarcely matters. Signing Colon makes sense as a stopgap until one of the kids is ready.
    What I’d really like to see is them trading Burnett.

    • Mike S. says:

      You can't deal A.J. Who'd want him at three years and what, $54 million left?

    • No risk? So there is no risk in signing a player who hasn’t pitched since 2005? How about signing him and relying on him only to have him crap out not to mention the money he’d cost.

      • Tanned Tom says:

        Rob, how about low risk? Signing him to a minor league deal can’t cost all that much, and it’s not like Mitre or Nova are sure things.
        As for trading Burnett, yeah he’s probably untradeable, but what about Burnett for Zambrano? Oh well, it’s only a daydream. And if they pay part of his salary some team might take a chance on him.

        • It's low risk as long as it's a minor league deal and the Yankees go into the season planning on getting 0 innings out of him. Anything more is a waste.

  6. Franco Kotos says:

    Colon simply stinks…if the Yankees sign him, they’ll give him 8-10 starts before demoting him, that’s if they intend to give him a spot in the rotation…they are better off going after a guy like Justin Durscherer who has the potential of being a solid #2 starter if he stays healthy and let’s face it, none of the guys the Yankees are looking at are models of health…i think we’ll see Jesus Montero traded sometime this year for a real starter, hopefully not Blanton…i don’t see the Cards giving up Wainwright but he’s the kind of pitcher you want in a deal involving Montero…

  7. YankeeRay says:

    I am mystified as to why Cashman is not pursuing Justin Duchscherer.Yes,he’s injury prone.But when he’s healthy he a winner – period.And at least he pitched in 2010 – only 7 innings but light’s out as usual.I mean if they’re willing to chance Prior [as a reliever by the way] then 2 mil. on the “Duke” is worth the risk.Let him rehab until July and have him for the 2nd half.
    He’ll win 10-11 games for sure.

  8. CC says:

    The Jankieeeeews Win…..(suck)!!! The Jankieeeees Win….(suck)!!!

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