Rumors: Yankees Interested in Jeremy Bonderman

The Yankees have been scouring the market for a starting pitcher, but so far that search has turned up a lot of bad pitchers. Apparently they are looking into another – Jeremy Bonderman, according to Jon Paul Morosi of Fox Sports.

Bonderman, 28, has spent his entire career with the Detroit Tigers. His career ERA+ is just 90. His career strikeout rate, 7.1 isn’t bad, but he hasn’t come close to that number in years putting up just a 5.9 K/9 in 2010 and a 4.4 K/9 in 2009.

This is a guy the Yankees should avoid like the plague. While he may technically be low risk there is almost no reward. He’s only had two seasons with an ERA+ above 100 and out of those two season only 2006 where he had a 112 ERA+ (14-8, 4.08 ERA) was he even remotely impressive. Since 2006 he hasn’t been at all impressive. He has dealt with elbow problems and hasn’t thrown 200 innings since putting up a 5.19 ERA since that time.

It’s really hard to imagine that he would be better than any of the minor leaguers that they could call up. If he would consider a minor league deal and would be willing to pitch in Triple-A Scranton to see if his strikeout numbers could come close to his career mark of 7.1 K/9 then maybe the Yankees should give him a shot. If he could then maybe he could be 2011’s Dustin Moseley. That seems like a best case scenario. Otherwise they should just pass.

What do you think? Should the Yankees bank on Bonderman recapturing his 2006 form? Or would he just be meat for the Red Sox to feast on?

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8 Responses to Rumors: Yankees Interested in Jeremy Bonderman

  1. Susan says:

    Actually, I would much rather take a chance on Bonderman than Colon, Garcia or some of the others that have been mentioned recently. Maybe because he is still pretty young and I remember a few games where he made us look like a bunch of little leaguers. Personally though I didn’t think Moseley was all that bad. I would have rather keep him than Mitre.

  2. If Colon is healthy he’s a much better pitcher than Bonderman. It isn’t even close. In 12 starts in 2009 Colon had better numbers than Bonderman has ever had. Bonderman has almost no upside whatsoever.

  3. I suppose I should add that Bonderman is much more likely to actually pitch in 2011. So he does have that going for him.

  4. Franco Kotos says:

    Yankees should stay away from players that couldn't make it as 5th starters on KC or the Pirates…sign Justin Durscherer even with his injury history…i'd be more inclined to consider guys with greater upside potential…

  5. William says:

    I think the Yankees should fly down to Texas and give Pettite maybe as much as $18 mil to come back. I think the Yankees are making a big mistake just letting this guy walk away without a real tup at the heart strings full court press. I think that is their only option.

    • Mike S. says:

      $18MM is a bit much. , I want him back but… and if his heart isn’t in it, then his heart isn’t in it.

      • William says:

        I have seen some rumblings that maybe Pettite just wants what he feels is some respect in the form of a wage increase from the $11.8 he received last year. We need him back.

    • $18 million is a bit much, but I would agree that they should be putting out an all out press. If he could be talked into coming back I wouldn’t worry that his heart wouldn’t be in it. If he’s here, he’ll be here.

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