Rumors: Yankees Still Considering Duchscherer & Bonderman

Via Joel Sherman of the NY Post:

[The Yankees] do not believe there will be any way to upgrade the front of the rotation before the season. So they will consider back-end alternatives with an eye on endure until better options arise. They are still considering free agents such as Justin Duchscherer and Jeremy Bonderman. They have Colon around to battle with Ivan Nova, Sergio Mitre and an interesting group of prospects.

Even though I don’t like Colon as an option for the Yankees, his signing was a good one if it doesn’t keep them from considering other options as well. Colon will cost nothing and he isn’t keeping them from signing other players.

The more time goes on the more I would like to see the Yankees sign Duchscherer too. He didn’t miss last season because of shoulder or elbow issues, it was a hip injury, and he has the highest upside of any pitchers they are considering.

There is a chance that neither Bartolo Colon or The Duke would give the Yankees a lot of innings in 2011, but if both are signed there is a better chance that at least one of them will pitch.

Preferably the Yankees will stay away from Bonderman no matter what. Over the past two seasons he’s only managed 181.1 innings combined with a lowly 74 ERA+ during that time.

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One Response to Rumors: Yankees Still Considering Duchscherer & Bonderman

  1. smurfy says:

    I guess the idea is to find someone to patch with Sergio and Ivan to cover the starts until they can pick up a better guy mid-year. Both those guys are questionnable for getting past two turnovers in the lineup, so we'll need at least a long reliever or two. Also, even if they do really well, they probably both are maxed out at 150 innings.

    We shoulda held onto Dustin Moseley. I liked that kid a lot.

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